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06.2022 Group Briefing

FET 5G remote diagnosis and treatment service has obtained the HIPPA certification

Far EasTone telecommunications / Zhang Weijun


Far EasTone took the lead in launching 5G long-distance diagnosis and treatment services in 2020, and successfully introduced them into 11 counties, cities and 29 townships to solve the problem of lack of medical resources in rural areas. Now, the number of confirmed COVID-19 cases in Taiwan has soared, and people's demand for telemedicine is even greater than in the past. The " remote diagnosis and treatment service platform" developed by Far EasTone has passed the compliance verification of the Health Insurance Portability & Accountability Act (HIPAA), becoming the first telecommunications operator in Taiwan to obtain this certification.

        "HIPAA certification" is a U.S. federal law for electronic medical information. It is very detailed in the application, exchange mechanism and protection norms of medical information. It is an important reference standard for countries around the world to formulate relevant regulations. In order to implement HIPAA compliance requirements, Far EasTone has completely inspected and optimized its internal governance, audit system, management of related parties and even risk management, provide a higher standard of protection for people and medical institutions in remote diagnosis and treatment. Zeng Shiyuan, the executive vice president of enterprise and international business group in Far EasTone, said that the HIPAA certification shows Far EasTone’s determination to strengthen medical information protection, improve information security compliance to bridge to the world.

        In fact, during the level three alert period in May 2021, Far EasTone assisted Far Eastern Memorial Hospital with the remote diagnosis and treatment platform to quickly import the remote outpatient service. Combined with the "remote diagnosis and treatment app", Far EasTone provided people with registration, appointment, supported the online certification of virtual health insurance card and health insurance declaration, created zero contact diagnosis and treatment services, and opened up to 27 specialized video clinics at the same time, So far, the service has reached 14,000 person times. With the recent warming of the epidemic in Taiwan, the demand for video diagnosis and treatment has increased greatly. Obtaining HIPAA certification will make hospitals feel more at ease when introducing remote diagnosis and treatment solutions and developing applications such as video outpatient integration, virtual health insurance card, inter hospital registration and electronic medical record exchange.

        Far EasTone 5G remote diagnosis and treatment service will be further expanded to 14 counties, cities and 50 townships this year to continue to realize the vision of zero rural areas with zero distance service.



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