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07.2022 Group Briefing

Far Eastern Memorial Hospital launched the new service of "Oriental Petrochemical (Taiwan) home emergency power"

Far Eastern Memorial Hospital / Qiu Anqi
810A01        In response to the rapid development of the epidemic, in order to ensure the medical capacity, Taiwan has been notified of the diagnosis of positive rapid screening after the evaluation of doctors since May 26, but many people are still at a loss about the download of communication diagnosis and treatment app, and even the complex situation such as which Department to hang up.

        810A02        In order to provide more convenient services for the public, Far Eastern Memorial Hospital launched the "Oriental Petrochemical (Taiwan) home emergency call". As long as the public completes the following three steps, they can safely wait at home for the doctor to make a telephone inquiry.

        Click "Oriental Petrochemical (Taiwan) home emergency" on the Far Eastern Memorial Hospital Website to fill in the basic information and preliminary risk assessment

        Upload a photo of the "health insurance card" and the quick screening positive cassette with "name + screening date" written on the front

        Select the time period you want to consult

        Far Eastern Memorial Hospital will arrange the specialist to call out according to the contents filled in by the patient to conduct the evaluation and diagnosis of "rapid screening diagnosis", "rapid screening diagnosis and opening of symptomatic drugs" and "rapid screening diagnosis and opening of antiviral drugs". It can also provide Oriental Petrochemical (Taiwan) home care center case receiving care and assisted isolation services as needed to alleviate the public's concerns.

        At present, Far Eastern Memorial Hospital quickly screens 810 confirmed communication visits per week, 4116 confirmed communication visits per week, 1679 confirmed communication visits per week for symptomatic drugs, and provides services on Saturdays and days, regardless of the region. Only oral antiviral drugs have timeliness. It is recommended to ask relatives and friends to receive drugs as soon as possible. If people can go out, they can also directly go to the quarantine emergency clinic to see and get drugs, To speed up the speed of taking medicine.

        "Oriental Petrochemical (Taiwan) home emergency" provides a simple one-stop service for quick screening positive people, which not only increases the capacity of the service, but also hopes to reduce the barriers to notification of diagnosis and access to oral antiviral drugs, and prevent the deterioration of the condition of the elderly and high-risk groups. We welcome more use.

        Far Eastern Memorial Hospital "home emergency" form:


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