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"Far easterner's lecture": intimate words for mom

Far Eastern Magazine / Editorial Room
        Although mother's day has just passed, it is believed that many people are unable to accompany their mothers for the holiday due to the epidemic. In this issue, far easterners at home and abroad are specially invited to talk about "intimate words for Mom"!


        In my memory, when I grew up, I was called "Mom" when I couldn't find anything. I was also called "Mom" when I was hungry. I was still called "Mom" when I was sick. Mom was like a treasure bag, and it was also a reassuring shelter. In the rebellious period, the most annoying thing is my mother, because she will always talk about it; It was not until I was 30, when I grew up and my mother was old that I had an epiphany. Therefore, a few years ago, when mother's day came, she always gave her mother some small appliances. Later, she found that although she wanted to make her mother relaxed and labor-saving, she was still working. Later, she changed her mind to order a massage coupon to relax her body and mind. Mother was also very happy. She always told the masseuse that her daughter was the host. My mother used to be my safe haven. Now I'm happy to be my mother's right hand, leading her shopping, eating and spa. Believe she can feel my love? (Ya Tung department store / guojiawen)


        I am very grateful to my mother for giving me a healthy birth. Although I was naughty like a boy when I was a child, my mother did not control me, but gave me great room for development. The only principle is that I should not deviate from my ethics. Mother's open-minded, so that I can face difficulties alone. Not only that, my mother always remembers my favorite food, so as long as I find a new store, I will take my mother around to try fresh food. In the past, she used to give me the best, but now I will do my best to give her the best. In my heart, every day is mother's Day! (Tainan Chenggong Far Eastern Department Stores / yujiarong)


        Last year, due to the severe epidemic situation, it was inconvenient to go out for dinner. I always felt indebted to my mother. This year, the Far Eastern Department Stores launched the "beauty Shopping Festival" in Zhubei. You can get hundreds of free beauty care products for thousands, and you can also enjoy many shopping discounts by swiping a credit card. In addition to buying things for your mother, you should also take her to the "Mita roast steak shop" on the 9th floor to enjoy delicious food. I used to think that festivals were just holidays. After the epidemic, I had a new experience. I hope to express my gratitude and care to my mother through mother's day. (Far Eastern New Century Corporation / yeyongjian)


        "The stars in the sky don't speak, but mother's heart is at the end of the world." Although my mother has been away for five years, I still remember my mother's care and warm care in my heart. I really want to listen to my mother's voice and throw myself into her arms. Now I deeply realize that a child with a mother is really like a treasure. The past years, accompanied by my mother, stories and memories, have made me happy; Although she is gone, I am not afraid of any difficulty with her blessing; With her care, I can put it down no matter how annoying I am! I want to say to my mother in the sky: Mom, happy mother's Day! Thank you. Your love is always in your heart and unforgettable. (Oriental industries (Suzhou) / Chen Qi)


        In "you are the April day on earth", linhuiyin writes about the mother's love for her son with "you are love, warmth, hope, and you are the April day on earth"; Although my mother's language is simple and not good at expression, she silently devoted all her time and energy to me. From childhood to childhood, I was tired of listening to her constant nagging. However, when I became a mother, I realized that although my mother never said love, every nagging was the advice of love. No matter how old I am, in her eyes, I am always the child she cares about. Every time I go back to visit her, she always carefully prepares a table of delicious food I love to eat, and expresses her love with actions. What I can do is to go home to see her often and talk with her more. Thank you for your mother's company in the long river of life, which makes my life rich and beautiful. (Jiangxi Yadong cement / luolifang)


        Since I gave birth to two children, my mother is no longer just my mother, but the grandmother of two precious babies. When shopping, she not only considers my preferences, but also takes into account my grandchildren and grandchildren. She does not hesitate to prepare. She constantly pays tribute to all kinds of high-grade fruits, buys 10 pieces of clothes at a time, buys lanterns that have sound and light effects and can run on the ground, knows that grandchildren love playing with cars, and buys 4 or 5 toy cars to send home at one go, It's very satisfying to give generously but ask for nothing in return. It's very satisfying to have video or dinner together occasionally. This mother's day, the grandchildren specially prepared the "dance of love" to let Grandma leave warm memories. (Yuanchuang wisdom / jianbixuan)

        【7】 The

        When I was a child, I felt that my mother loved to be broken and was always angry. When I grew up, I realized that those nagging were well intentioned. When the weather changed, she came to tell me to wear more clothes; When the meal time comes, remind you to remember to eat; Every morning and evening, I say hello... And so on, which makes me feel full of love. This mother's day, in order to avoid crowds, I took my mother to a landscape restaurant full of all kinds of flowers. In a separate box, I enjoyed delicious meals and mother's Day cakes. At this time when the epidemic situation is changeable, it is also very happy to have a meal together. I hope I can take my mother to visit more cities and eat more delicious food in the future! (Far Eastern Department Stores / liyunjie)


        When we were young, on the eve of mother's day, the teacher would ask us to draw cards or make carnations by hand. Mother would always smile when she received them; In junior high school, my mother would show off to her neighbors and colleagues when she received our handwritten cards; In high school, under the pressure of the big test, my mother only hoped to receive a blessing; When she was in college, she only wanted her children to go home often or talk on the phone... As she grew older, many of her inner thoughts were not easy to say. Fortunately, it's not too late. From today on, let's take advantage of our leisure time to take our parents on more trips, or after work, watch TV, take a walk and have a chat with our family. Children's company is the best gift for parents. (chiahui Power Corporation / liyunyu)


        If I use a color to describe my mother, I think it is pink orange or pink purple, because she gives people a warm and kind feeling, treats people humbly and courteously, takes care of the family in every way, and rarely complains or criticizes. I still remember when I was a child, my mother would always buy food and give alms when she saw tramps on the road; This is the case with strangers, especially with family members. She never demands anything in return and never extorts our emotions. It is really happy to be her child in this life. I want to say to her, "thank you for bringing me to this world. Thank you for enriching my life. I love you very much and will make you feel the happiness of being loved!" (Yuan Ze University / linwenjing)


        In retrospect, my mother has been away for 15 years. Every mother's day, I always go to the balcony to look at the sky and miss her. Although I am a father and my children have grown up, I often worry about my mother from small to large. It is a pity that she left before she had done her filial duty. All I can do is take good care of my family, children and myself, so that she will no longer worry. What I want to say is: Mom, I miss you! Thank you for your efforts in this life. I am grateful to be your child. I hope you and dad can live well in another world. I will live a good life. I love you! (Far Eastern International Bank / wangmingquan)


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