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06.2022 Welfare

Happy go promotes cloud invoices and invites you to make joint efforts for the sustainable development of the earth

Ding & Ding management consultants joint marketing / xuyahui
805C00        Happy go strongly calls on cardholder to respond to the paperless invoice action and reduce carbon and love the earth together. Cardholder binds the mobile bar code of the invoice of the Ministry of finance to the happy go app for the first time. It can get 50 points of happy go points, and then provides a point plus code lottery every month. The more cloud invoices are saved, the higher the chance of winning. It is hoped that through the point economy, tens of millions of cardholders in Taiwan will be invited to contribute to the sustainability of the earth.

        805C01        Liang Jinlin, President of Ding & Ding management consultants' joint marketing, said that in recent years, global climate change and extreme climate have spread frequently, and governments of various countries have made efforts to reduce carbon emissions. Happy go promises that the responsibility of enterprise sustainability development is also urgent. Since upgrading the app in 2021 and launching the cloud invoice binding function, it has attracted many cardholders to use, and has saved hundreds of millions of paper invoices so far, It is equivalent to cutting down tens of thousands of trees. There are more than 10million cardholders in happy go. We strongly call on cardholders on the eve of world earth day and send happy go points for promotion. We expect to attract 1-1.5 million cardholders to respond together by the end of the year,.

        From now on, happy go app members can get 50 points by binding the "mobile barcode of invoice of the Ministry of finance" for the first time, and provide cloud invoice plus code award every month. In April, the cloud invoice was offered for the exclusive task of drawing 10000 points. You can draw 10 points by saving one invoice, and 10000 points by saving 100 invoices. The more you save, the higher the chance of winning the prize. In addition, to celebrate Mother's day, before May 10, you will have the opportunity to go to Banqiao Far Eastern Department Stores LEGO after spending in Far Eastern Department stores and Fe SOGO Department stores and depositing invoices in the cloud ® Authorized stores can experience the first LEGO mosaic snapshot machine in the whole Taiwan, invite mothers or daughters to take photos together, and you can get the exclusive LEGO personal portrait box group (market price 4399 yuan) for free. It is definitely a special mother's Day commemoration.

        Liangjinlin president also appealed to cardholder that the epidemic has driven the new economy and brought about a new normal. She observed that the physical channel retail change donations and invoice donations that social welfare groups relied on in the past have also been affected. Therefore, happy go app has launched an upgraded version of donation invoices. At present, tens of thousands of love cardholders have donated more than 400000 invoices. Encourage more cardholders to slide their fingertips together to make love, bind invoices, select "invoice donation", and check the invoices to be donated and public welfare organizations to complete the donation process. At present, the public welfare platforms of happy go include Down's disease, the intellectually disabled people, uncle McDonald's home, Credit Suisse children's medical, world vision, Eden, United fund raising, and Child Welfare League foundation R. O.C., Jiafu and other nine public welfare organizations.

        The operation method of binding invoice mobile bar code is very simple. As long as you open the happy go app, click the bar code at the bottom of the home page, select bind immediately, and directly enter the mobile bar code of the Ministry of finance, you will be bound successfully. Users who have not applied for the mobile bar code of the Ministry of finance invoice can also press "I want to apply for the mobile bar code of the Ministry of finance invoice" through the happy go app to directly verify their mobile phones and e-mail, that is, to complete the online application.

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