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07.2022 Welfare

Points to enlarge happy go to seize sweet business opportunities in summer

Ding & Ding management consultants joint marketing / caiwanzhen

814E00As June is coming to an end and summer is approaching, happy go, together with major retail channels and brands, has launched summer flash discount activities.

Far east department store, the most senior department store in Taiwan, has entered its 55th year. In order to thank happy go cardholder for his company, from now on, you can exchange 200 points for "ntd200 bonus coupons" at Yuanbai customer service center with your happy go card and original ID card. There is a time limit of 12000 coupons in Taiwan, and only 2 coupons can be exchanged for each ID card. Iron fans must not miss it.

Yuanqi Shopping Center launched the "romantic blessing little by little into cash". From now on to June 27, you can exchange 100 points for ntd200 happy go vouchers at counter B1, with a limit of 300.

Far east SOGO Department Store launched "happy Jinxi brush" e-vouchers for different types of brands. In addition, it was observed that most people had not traveled abroad for two years due to the epidemic. From now on to July 3, they held happy go cards in the 12F activity Hall of Zhongxiao Museum (including the 11F Japanese Commodity Exhibition Sales Office). On that day, they accumulated more than ntd2000 (inclusive). They can participate in a lucky draw with the electronic invoice of the same card number and the sales details, The prizes include: Gold Award "concept room (worth ntd14445, 1), Silver Award" exquisite double bed room (worth ntd11820, 3) "of Heyuan Mitsui Garden Hotel," tickets to the exhibition of Ghibli animation master Takahata Hoon "and" official souvenirs of Okinawa "to create an atmosphere for customers to go abroad. The limited number of gifts is 2000 until they are delivered. In addition, from July 4 to July 7, hold the designated newsletter at SOGO (excluding Far Eastern big city shopping malls) in Hsinchu, spend unlimited amount on that day, and you can exchange one copy of "200 happy go points".

As the epidemic situation in the northern and northern regions has slowed down, happy go has assembled various cooperation channels to build a "Taipei characteristic business district" to meet the needs of eating, drinking and playing in one stop, including far east department stores, far east SOGO Department stores and city’ Super, Aimai, Yuanqi shopping center, family convenience store, Vieshow cinemas, jinshitang bookstore, cheliwu, Baodao glasses, I color and Ecco, etc. From now on to June 30, if you make a purchase at two or more stores in the designated channel of the Taipei business district, you will have the opportunity to draw 888 time limited points, and offer 10 points for new customers who spend more than ntd1000. In addition, as long as you receive the gift of good neighbors in the happy go app and complete the tasks, you are expected to get a popular home appliance - sweeping robot. At the same time, all brands are also offering extra discounts: the family supermarket can choose two designated drinks / ice products, and the second one has a minimum ntd0; NTD100 catering electronic voucher will be given to the Far East SOGO Department store when the single consumption reaches ntd2000; Buy Vieshow cinemas movie tickets or food discount to offset 300 happy go points, and you will have the opportunity to win 1000 points.

On the other hand, in order to let cardholders enjoy the sweet taste of summer, happy go and "aunt Stella sitley", a famous hand-made biscuit shop from Tokyo, held three preferential activities online and offline. First priority: from now on to June 30, three happy go points can be exchanged for "two free coupons for classic handmade cookies of stelly"; Second: spend at the aunt Stella store and counter in Taiwan (including cash, credit card and other payment methods), unlimited amount and items, scan the QR code of the activity to participate in the lottery, and the maximum number of happy go points can be 500; Third: for consumption through physical channels (including cash, credit card and other payment methods), if a single consumption is more than ntd50000, scan the activity QR code and send it to the designated exquisite gift box.


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