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11.2023 Welfare

Annual final discount Tainan Far Eastern Group Shangri La Hotel online travel exhibition extended until the end of November

Tainan Far Eastern Group Shangri La Hotel / Bu Yiyun
887d01        The final tourism event of the year, the 2023 TTF Tainan International Travel Expo, has come to an end. The Tainan Far Eastern Group Shangri La Hotel has specially planned an "online travel exhibition" to cater to consumers who cannot attend. They have launched annual meal coupon discounts starting at 67% off, Buffet coupons starting at a minimum NTD of 500 per person, fitness club single use coupons, and exclusive online accommodation vouchers starting at 17% off... These good gifts will be sold until November 30th. Welcome to visit Rush to buy. For more details, please contact (06) 702-8888.

        Self service meal voucher with NTD1000 available per customer. Cherry roast duck, sea and land combo, and afternoon tea set are priced at 67% off

        The Far Eastern Group CAF É self-service restaurant discount program includes: "Daily Breakfast Four Guest Coupon Set", with a discount price of NTD2000 (original price NTD2904, about 69% off), and an average of only NTD500 per guest; The "Six Guest Lunch Coupon Group" offers a discounted price of NTD5520 (original price NTD7128, about 77% off), with an average discount of NTD920 per customer; The "Daily Lunch or Dinner 10 Guest Coupon Set" offers a discounted price of NTD9700 (original price NTD12980, about 75% off), and now saves NTD3280, with an average of NTD970 per guest, allowing you to enjoy classic cuisine from multiple countries.

        Drunken Moon Tower Chinese Restaurant has launched the popular "Cherry Roast Duck Three Meals Two Coupon Set" for years, with a discounted price of NTD4400 (original NTD5126, about 85% off); The THE MEZZ steak and lobster restaurant, which specializes in high-end meat dishes, also offers a "Luxury Land and Sea Happy Four Person Sharing Coupon" with a discounted price of NTD5600 (NTD8360 per coupon, about 67% off). The average price per person is only NTD1400, and you can choose from either the Big Mac steak meal or the Iberian Tomahawk pork chop meal.

        There are also two afternoon tea vouchers, including the "Five Coupons for Double Light Food Package" at the Hall Tea Pavilion, with a discounted price of NTD4500 (original price NTD5500) and an average discounted price of only NTD900 for two people; The delivery shop Xiangfang offers a "Ten Coupon Set for Afternoon Tea" at a discounted price of NTD2500 (original price NTD3500). If you purchase three or more sets in a single purchase, you will receive a complimentary ten cup coupon set for takeaway coffee, worth NTD1300.

        At the end of the year, when companies reward employees and give gifts to customers, they must not miss the "Ten Joint Catering Coupons Group". The discounted price is NTD5000 (original price NTD6000, about 83% off), and each coupon is worth NTD600. You can now visit various restaurants in Tainan Far Eastern Group Shangri La Hotel for consumption, as well as enjoy Xiangfang cake and bread, providing more yuan and flexible dining options.

        Daily accommodation voucher is 17% off, with a minimum of NTD2125 per night, including a sumptuous buffet breakfast

        In addition to five-star cuisine, there is also a premium daily accommodation discount of "Honor Room Stay for Three Days and Two Nights Including Breakfast", with a discounted price of NTD8500 (original price NTD50820). Currently, NTD42320 is available, with an average of NTD2125 per person per room. During your stay, you can enjoy a sumptuous breakfast at the Far Eastern Group Caf é self-service restaurant.

        For luxurious and relaxed micro trips, we recommend the "Luxury Pavilion Honorable Room Accommodation for Two Nights" with a discounted price of NTD5499 (original price NTD30030), which is now NTD24531 in the province; And the "Yashi Suite Accommodation B Night", featuring a 27 acre small mansion layout, one bedroom, one living room with a large bathroom and guest restroom. The discounted price is NTD7099 (originally NTD43940), which is now NTD36841. During the stay, you can also enjoy luxurious VIP lounge privileges, including breakfast, free soft drinks, Happy Hour special cocktails (daily: 5:30 p.m. to 7:30 p.m.), and dedicated service. We invite you to seize the last wave of year-end discounts, set off anytime, and enjoy your vacation.

        Five star fitness club package ticket group, easy access to fully equipped and heart-shaped swimming pool

        The fitness club on the seventh floor of the Far Eastern Group Shangri La Hotel in Tainan offers limited "fitness club single use vouchers" for travel exhibitions. Consumers can choose from five coupon groups, ten coupon groups, or twenty coupon groups, with a combined discount starting from NTD4000 and a minimum discount of 75% off. The average single entry only requires NTD750, allowing them to use complete gym equipment, three warm facilities, and a swimming pool; Purchase a designated set and receive three "Fitness Club Single Use Coupons" worth NTD3000 as a bonus, so that you can take good care of yourself and your family's health in the new year!

        The above prices all include a 10% service fee, and all coupon sets can be used in installments. Among them, the catering discount is valid until June 30, 2024, the accommodation coupon is valid until September 30, 2024, and the fitness club discount is valid until November 30, 2024. For detailed usage specifications, please refer to the instructions on the securities page. Restaurant reservation: (06) 702-8856, room reservation hotline: (06) 702-8899, fitness club: (06) 702-8852. Website: www.shangri la. com/tainan.


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