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學會英文慣用語 溝通無往不利

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Vocabulary (詞彙)

  1. let the cat out of the bag(說漏嘴、洩漏秘密)
  2. drive someone up the wall(令人憤怒生氣)
  3. upset(不開心、失望或擔心)
  4. conflict(衝突)
  5. addicted(沉迷於/成癮的)
  6. drama(戲劇化的)


Sample Dialogue(情境範例) 

Steven:I saw you talking to Wanda at lunch. She looked very upset.(剛剛午餐時,我看見你和Wanda在聊天。她看起來很不開心。)

Hillary:She says her supplier is driving her up the wall. They are always arguing about payment terms or delivery deadlines.(她說她的供應商令她很憤怒,他們常為付款條約或交貨期限而爭吵。)

Steven:Why does she still work with this supplier if they are so difficult to deal with?(如果供應商的配合度不好,為何她要持續合作?)

Hillary:Sorry. I don’t want to let the cat out of the bag…(抱歉,我不想說溜嘴。)

Steven:Come on! What’s the big secret?(唉呦!甚麼秘密啊?)

Hillary:Okay, you probably already know. This supplier provides us an unbeatable discount. Besides, you know that Wanda just can’t be happy unless she has something to fight about.(好啦,你大概已經知道了,這個供應商提供很好的折扣。況且,Wanda很難開心得起來,除非她有人可以吵架。)

Steven:Oh, I know people like that. They love conflict more than peace and quiet.(嗯,我知道,這種人喜歡衝突勝過和平與安靜。)

Hillary:It’s true. Wanda is addicted to drama.(的確,Wanda的個性十分戲劇化。)

Steven:She should have been an actress instead of a procurement specialist.(她更適合去演戲,不應該做採購專員。)

Hillary:Well, I guess our suppliers love drama as well. She’s our highest-performing procurement staff!(嗯,搞不好我們的供應商喜歡戲劇化的人,她是我們公司績效最好的採購專員耶!)


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