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遠東集團   The Latest Issue:2022-05-16

遠 東人月刊電子報
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Publisher:Far Eastern Magazine

The Date of The First Issue :2001-06-01

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Far EasTone telecommunications exerts its sustainability to make love to far EasTone Telecommunications

  Since its establishment, far EasTone telecommunications has won nearly 100 awards in the field of CSR. Its proud achievements come from the "CSR" spirit in the corporate culture. It not only mobilizes internally, but also calls on upstream and downstream suppliers to gradually implement sustainable operation and benefit the society.

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Weekly News

Far EasTone telecommunications, Far Eastern Memorial Hospital and Microsoft let you master the "heart life" of epidemic prevention

  In response to the resurgence of the epidemic and the increase in people's concern about epidemic prevention information, telelife app, together with Yadong hospital and Microsoft, provides remote diagnosis and treatment services, comprehensive real-time epidemic prevention information and medical professional content with the latest technology. Consumers can quickly grasp the latest epidemic information and obtain perfect medical care services without going out. In the future, online customer service, real person reply and other functions will be launched to facilitate users' use. In addition, if people need to visit during epidemic prevention / isolation, they can also download the "remote visit" app of Yadong hospital, so that they can easily complete online registration and video visit at home. Yuanchuanxin life app "home epidemic prevention": https://reurl.cc/M088oW Yadong hospital remote diagnosis and treatment app: https://reurl.cc/e3DDbM Telepathic life app: https://reurl.cc/M088oW

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Yuan Ze University was selected as the partner of Indonesia's "international mobility scholarship"

  In order to encourage Indonesian college students to study abroad and establish international mobility scholarships, the Ministry of culture, education and scientific research of Indonesia selected 46 world-renowned universities as partners this year, including 11 in Australia, 10 in Taiwan, 8 in the UK, 6 in South Korea, 4 in Malaysia, 2 in Germany, 1 in Turkey, France, the United States, Hungary and Ireland. Among them, Yuan Ze University was selected as one of the 10 universities in Taiwan. In line with the exchange plan of the Indonesian government, the English Bachelor's classes of five colleges of Yuan Ze University cooperate with each other to integrate engineering, management and financial accounting, a total of 31 English teaching courses in three fields, and students will be arranged to visit companies such as far east new century.

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The 9th Mommy Xinguang Avenue far eastern big city shopping malls opens warmly

  The 9th "Mommy Xinguang Avenue" at Far Eastern big city shopping malls in the Far East of big city opened on Mother's day on May 8. This year, for the first time, family parent-child registration was adopted. A total of 15 groups of family members accompanied their mothers to participate, including: young Mommy, drummer's son, singing throat, couple singing classic love songs, gorgeous stage walking, and mother and daughter with hereditary good voice, practicing the difficult song of challenging on the same stage for one year & hellip; Wait. The whole family of many contestants went out to cheer up for mommy's support. The atmosphere was very warm. Finally, Mommy, who had been married for more than 25 years and sang "butterfly dream" affectionately with her husband, took back the first prize and won the bonus ntd6000.

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Weekly Event

Far Eastern Memorial Hospital body beauty center will help you find your ideal self

   Adhering to the belief of "safety, privacy, comfort and professionalism", Yadong body beauty medical center arranges seven designated specialists of the health and Welfare Department to conduct professional beauty medical consultation with you one-on-one, including all kinds of facial beauty, hair transplantation, laser, body sculpture, drug weight loss, nutrition consultation, endoscopic stomach contraction and weight loss surgery, varicose sclerosing agent injection and laser treatment & hellip; And so on, to help you tailor your best appearance. For details, please refer to the official website or join line @ for consultation. The official website of physical beauty medical center of Yadong hospital: https://reurl.cc/d2Dexg

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Far Eastern Department Stores Dragon Boat Festival "zongzi" nebula collection with quick and convenient pick-up outside the Museum

  Delicious zongzi is an indispensable element of the Dragon Boat Festival. This year, the Far East department store, led by Nancy Hsu, general manager, will collect zongzi and excellent gifts from all over the world in the "2022 Dragon Boat Festival gift album". From now on to June 3, anyone who buys more than two items in the Dragon Boat Festival gift album can enjoy a 95% discount (except for special items at a discount). If you use Yuanbai app to check out or hold a happy go card for more than ntd888 in a single transaction, you will be presented with a "NTD100 food and beverage voucher". Welcome to visit and buy at the "fe21 & prime; world gourmet" counter of the Far East department store foreign food Museum in Taiwan, And use the "quick and convenient" pick-up outside the Far East department store in Taiwan to reduce the risk of infection.

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editor's pick

"Legal Column-TW ":Expand maternity subsidies to support novice parents

   When the newborn comes, parents are immersed in joy, and their responsibilities and burdens are also relatively heavier. Fortunately, there are many kinds of maternity subsidies and allowances. The government provides different subsidies from birth to the age of 6. This article summarizes the latest production and parenting subsidies to provide the best support for novice parents!

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"Far Easterner lecture": mother's Day proposal
"Editor":From co integration to co Prosperity: the sustainable commitment of Far Eastern Group
Editor's Word

"Far Eastern talk" Soliciting contribution of JUL topic:  summer war

  How do you spend the long hot time in the hot summer? Stay in a comfortable air-conditioned room? Or visit the mountains and forests? Or to soothe the restless heart with diet therapy? Welcome to write and share practical summer remedies. If the length of the article is less than 300 words, the Far East monthly will provide you with a "cool summer fund"! (deadline: before June 15)


Winners List of No.380 Edition

Congratulations to the following winners who received Far Eastern Group 4 in 1 gift certificate for 300 yuan each!

亞 洲水泥 蕭○傑/亞東科技大學 曾○怡/遠傳電信 劉○妤/遠東商銀 王○華/鼎鼎企管顧問 劉○衛/遠通電收 劉○恒/遠東商銀 戎○瑜/遠東都會天母 店 凃○雅/遠東新世紀 王○偉/亞東證券 詹○凱/亞泥花蓮廠 張○萱/亞東醫院 劉○珊/富民運輸 張○萍/全虹湯城維修中心 陳○玲/亞東醫院 張 ○枝

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