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05.2022 Life Guide

Expand maternity subsidies to support novice parents

Far eastern New Century Corporation / Zhong Xingyi
        When the newborn comes, parents are immersed in joy, and their responsibilities and burdens are also relatively heavier. Fortunately, there are many kinds of maternity subsidies and allowances. The government provides different subsidies from birth to the age of 6. This article summarizes the latest production and parenting subsidies to provide the best support for novice parents!

        1、 There is a prize in life! (0 years old)

        Labor insurance maternity benefits

        Labor insurance maternity benefits have been paid for years. If the female insured gives birth after 280 days of insurance or gives birth prematurely after 181 days of insurance, they can be paid 60 days (2 months) at a time according to the average monthly insurance salary in the first six months from the month of delivery or premature birth (the producer after surrender is the month of surrender). If they are twins, they can receive twice the proportion. Moreover, as long as the Insured agrees to transmit the "birth notification data" to the labor insurance bureau through the "personalized data autonomous application (mydata) platform" established by the national development and Reform Commission, there is no need to provide a birth certificate when applying for "birth payment". Since the notification information will indicate that the fetus is a live birth or stillbirth, if it is a stillbirth, there is no need to supplement the stillbirth certificate, which not only saves the time waiting for the issuance of written certificate, but also achieves the goal of online whole process and convenient application process.

        In addition, if you are participating in national annuity or agricultural insurance, there are also relevant regulations to apply for relevant maternity benefits from the labor insurance bureau.

        Birth subsidies of counties and cities

        If the mother or father of the newborn has registered and lived in a county or city for a specified length of time (Note 1), and the birth registration is done, the registered residence of the newborn is set in the county or city, then he can apply for birth subsidies. The amount of maternity subsidy is different in each county and city. Please check the website of each county and city government.

        2、 There are also subsidies for raising children (0 ~ 6 years old)

        Maternity leave without pay allowance

        To apply for the "child care leave without pay allowance", you must also meet the following conditions:

        (1) The total length of service of employment insurance is more than 1 year.

        (2) Before the child reaches the age of 3.

        (3) In accordance with the provisions of the law on gender equality in work, childcare and retention without pay shall be handled.

        The standard of payment shall be calculated by 60% of the average monthly insurance salary in the first six months from the month when the baby is left without pay. During the period when the baby is left without pay, the insured shall be paid an allowance on a monthly basis, and each child shall be paid a maximum of six months in total. 11406 20243 25113 11406 23737 7343 26034 18551 22973 7343 18264 5210 606 27983 30630 18264 11036 27924 25113 18264 21464 15877 9315 17403 22957 29517 24908 30847 18264 6231 705 22560 17319 19166 8755 27983 29096 25741 10526 10049 11367 3865 20623 29897 7343 26155 23390 17319 5713 29618 It is worth noting that from January 18, 2022, as long as parents are qualified, they can also receive the "child care leave without pay allowance" to accompany their children grow up together.

        Childcare allowance and childcare allowance

        In addition to the "child care leave without pay allowance", the government also provides "child care allowance" and "child care allowance" in the hope of reducing the burden on parents. All children aged 0 to 2 who are entrusted with the care of a child care institution or a babysitter, or who are taken care of by their grandparents but have attended a babysitter course, are eligible for "childcare subsidy". Children aged 2 to 6 can enjoy different tuition fees, miscellaneous fees and the upper limit of agency fees according to the type of kindergarten, identity and the number of children they attend.

        As for children aged 0-4 (Note 2), if they are taken care of by relatives and the family comprehensive income tax is less than 20%, they do not apply for child care retention allowance and do not receive childcare allowance, "every" child can apply for child care allowance. Generally, families can receive ntd3500 per month (increased to ntd5000 per month from August 2022), and low-income households and low-income households are ntd5000 per month. (source: my e government, Ministry of labor, labor insurance bureau, Ministry of education, county and city governments)

        Note 1: from the date of establishment to the date of birth of the newborn, it has not moved out, and it is still registered in the county or city at the time of application.

        Note 2: refers to "over 4 years old but under 5 years old", or "under 5 years old".


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