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06.2022 Welfare

Far Eastern Department Stores Dragon Boat Festival "zongzi" nebula collection with quick and convenient collection outside the Museum

Far Eastern Department Stores / zhengjiahui
808E00        Delicious zongzi is an indispensable element of the Dragon Boat Festival. This year, Far Eastern Department stores, led by Nancy Hsu president, will collect zongzi and excellent gifts from all over the world in the "2022 Dragon Boat Festival gift album". From now on to June 3, anyone who buys more than two items in the Dragon Boat Festival gift album can enjoy a 95% discount (except for special items at discount). If you use the Far Eastern Department Stores app to settle accounts or hold a happy go card for more than ntd888 in a single transaction, you will get a "NTD100 food and beverage voucher" as a gift. Welcome to visit and buy at the "fe21 'world gourmet" counter of Far Eastern Department stores in Taiwan, And use the "quick and convenient" pick-up outside the Far Eastern Department stores to reduce the risk of infection.

        808E01        Longzong appears

        Taipei Far Eastern Group Shangri La Hotel "special zongzi gift bag"

        The Shangri La restaurant of Far Eastern Group in Taipei has a "unique zongzi gift bag", which contains: 1 abalone and crab meat zongzi, 1 rice and tripe element zongzi, 2 Xianggong classic roast duck zongzi, and 1 purple rice and milk yellow quicksand zongzi. The gift bag is matched with the ultimate grey peony flower totem in a bright color, presenting an elegant and generous image. It is suitable for giving gifts for your own use. The recommended price of each bag is ntd1588, which can be stored for 60 days under -18 ° C.

        Tainan Far Eastern Group Shangri La Hotel "Golden Tiger zongzi gift bag"

        The "Golden Tiger zongzi gift bag" contains: 1 tiger shrimp seafood zongzi, 1 Tainan traditional zongzi, 1 toon boletulin zongzi, 1 purple rice lotus seed zongzi. The recommended price of each bag is ntd1388, limited to 200 groups, and can be frozen for 45 days.

        Taipei Fuhua Hotel "Golden Tiger famous zongzi classic gift box"

        Based on the classic rice dumplings developed by chef Jiangnanchun and liuyijia over the years, the "Golden Tiger name rice dumplings classic gift box" was launched, including: Huzhou fresh meat dumplings, Huzhou bean paste dumplings, five grain health dumplings, guzao delicious meat dumplings, Yupin eight fresh rice dumplings, spicy rice dumplings, pepper and sesame roasted chicken dumplings, Shuangbao wine lees fresh meat dumplings, scallop ham abalone dumplings, XO sauce seafood dumplings, each box has a recommended price of ntd1888, which can be frozen for 60 days.

        Shanxin folk creative cuisine "top grade scallop dumplings"

        Shanxin folk cuisine won the recommendation of Michelin plates in 2022 and 2021, as well as the classic Taiwanese restaurant in 2022 and 2021. Its "top grade scallop zongzi" adopts exclusive seasoning, strictly selects high-quality glutinous rice, manually stir fry it until half cooked, add colorful meat, salted duck egg yolk, mushrooms, chestnuts, dried scallops, peanuts, shrimp, red onion and other rich ingredients into the stuffing, and cook it in water until cooked. About 160g per serving, 6 servings of ntd720, frozen for 180 days.

        Xianghe vegetable food "Xianghe three cup vegetarian zongzi group"

        Xianghe vegetable food restaurant is the only vegetable food restaurant that has won the recommendation of Taipei Michelin Biden for four consecutive years. Its spicy three cups of vegetarian zongzi are handmade in accordance with the ancient method. It contains five pieces of original and spicy vegetarian zongzi (about 200g each), as well as a brand cold bag. The recommended price of each group is ntd1500, which can be preserved for one year.

        Mr. Peng, neiwan, "wild ginger dumplings"

        Yejianghuasu zongzi won the second top 10 hand gifts in Hsinchu County, with a recommended price of NTD220 for 10. It can be frozen for 30 days.

        Sweet taste

        Yoku Moku "Dragon Boat Festival Shengle comprehensive gift box"

        The dessert gift from Tokyo, Japan, is world-famous for its star product "original cigar omelet". The gift box is deeply branded with the Dragon Boat Festival totem, including 10 original cigar egg rolls, 2 double-layer Earl's white chocolate flakes, and 2 double-layer cocoa chocolate flakes. The recommended price of each box is ntd780, which can be stored for 14 ~ 21 days.

        Gaoji "colorful sponge cake gift box"

        The 70 year old Shanghai Restaurant insists on quality and inherits classics. The date paste filled muffin is 750g ± 10%, and the recommended price is ntd560 per box. It can be frozen for 30 days.

        Liufu Tourism Group's beautiful gift "maple sugar mung bean cake"

        Each entry is about 240g, and the gift box contains 8 entries in total. The recommended price is ntd620. It can be stored in cold storage for 7 days.

        Bamboo light "almond pure gift box"

        The 20-year-old store in Beipu, Hsinchu, adheres to the starting point of nature, health preservation and health, does not add any chemicals, and uses its unique technology to finely grind Southern almonds into sauce, which can be drunk after heating and brewing. The "almond pure gift box" contains 10 packages of standard sweetness and 10 packages of reduced sweetness. The recommended price of each box is ntd1050 and the preferential price is ntd1000. It can be frozen for 1 year.

        Preferred companion

        Mandarin Oriental Hotel Taipei "Chef's handmade x.o. sauce"

        The recommended price is ntd1180 and the storage period is 3 months.

        Xianghe vegetable food noodles group

        It contains 2 bags of sesame paste and spicy noodles. The recommended price of each group is ntd1080. It can be stored at room temperature for 1 year.

        Stala polyphenol red and white grape drink

        One bottle of polyphenol white grape drink and one bottle of polyphenol red grape drink, with a preferential price of ntd1200, can be stored at room temperature for 1 year.


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