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05.2022 Cover Story

Far EasTone telecommunications exerts its sustainability to make love to far EasTone Telecommunications

Far Eastern Magazine / Editorial Room

381C01        Since its establishment, far EasTone telecommunications has won nearly 100 awards in the field of CSR. Its proud achievements come from the "CSR" spirit in the corporate culture. It not only mobilizes internally, but also calls on upstream and downstream suppliers to gradually implement sustainable operation and benefit the society.

        Formulate governance objectives and implant sustainable DNA

        "Only far EasTone telecommunications, no distance" is a familiar slogan, which fully conveys the brand concept of far EasTone telecommunications. In addition to relying on communication technology to make distance no longer an obstacle to communication, far EasTone telecommunications also takes the initiative to assume corporate responsibility and expects everyone to have no distance from "love". To this end, the team formulated the "far EasTone telecommunications corporate social responsibility policy" and established the "far EasTone telecommunications Corporate Social Responsibility Committee" (hereinafter referred to as CSR Committee) in 2011 as the highest guiding unit for Sustainable Governance and strategic planning. The chairman served as the section chief, the president as the Executive director and the chief financial officer as the deputy executive director, The senior management team serves as the convener of the cross business group working group, directs the representatives of the members of each business group under its jurisdiction, holds quarterly meetings, consults with the external expert team from time to time, and then reports the implementation results of the current year's plan, tracking and discussion of major issues... And other relevant decisions and performance to the board of directors.


381C06        In 2017, far EasTone telecommunications further developed the "2018-2025 sustainability blueprint", which is in line with the United Nations sustainability development goal, and set clear medium and long-term goals with "go prosperus (go prosperus)," go innovative (go innovative), "go caring (go caring)," go inclusive (go inclusive) "and" go eco (go ECO) "as" 5go sustainability ". In addition, the public relations and enterprise sustainability office is also set up as a special unit to ensure the internal implementation of sustainable actions and measures. In order to make the concept of sustainability become the DNA of colleagues' work, far EasTone telecommunications has successively introduced sustainability related KPIs into performance setting. The supervisor above senior vice president level has been implemented since 2019. By 2022, the scope of implementation has been expanded to manager level and above. It is expected to be extended to all employees in 2025 to combine the spirit of corporate social responsibility with the daily operation culture of far EasTone telecommunications, Go deep into the thinking of every far EasTone telecommunications person.

        Not only from the internal governance of the enterprise, far EasTone telecommunications also regards nine categories of stakeholders related to operation, such as suppliers and users, as sustainable partners. The relevant communication priorities and coping strategies are as follows:

        Employees: enhance employees' centripetal force and sense of identity, cultivate innovative corporate culture, and implement two-way communication at the same time.

        Consumers / general customers: communicate transparently, listen to the needs of each customer, provide warm services and create a sense of customer intimacy.

        Enterprise customers: maintain partnership and provide customized solutions according to the special management needs of the enterprise.

        Competent authorities: actively respond to policy trends and actively participate in the policy-making process.

        Suppliers / contractors / developers: maintain a stable partnership with suppliers / contractors and conduct supply chain impact management; Develop and innovate with developers for products or services.

        Shareholders / investors: disclose the development strategy and major operational changes of far EasTone telecommunications transparently to maintain investor confidence.

        Peers: maintain competition and cooperation relationship and jointly negotiate and discuss major industrial issues.

        Media: actively express the company's position on major events or topics, communicate transparently, and establish a positive corporate image.

        Social welfare groups / NGOs: maintain partnerships, jointly promote social welfare projects, and create the social value of far EasTone telecommunications.

        Over the years, far EasTone telecommunications has performed well in all three aspects of ESG. In response to the international trend, a new "sustainability" was established in 2021 to strengthen management. In 2022, the "far EasTone telecommunications corporate social responsibility policy" was renamed "sustainability development code of practice" and the "far EasTone telecommunications Corporate Social Responsibility Committee" was renamed "sustainability development committee", Continue to promote corporate social responsibility and give full play to industrial influence.

        Organize a sustainable team to expand social influence

        As the saying goes, "people plant trees and make forests". If you want to enlarge the capacity of public welfare, you must not rely solely on the internal strength of the enterprise. Therefore, far EasTone telecommunications joined hands with 26 upstream and downstream suppliers to establish a "hand in hand sustainable vanguard". In 2020, it launched its first attack to help TAIMA Bingmao junior high school in Taidong, which has long cultivated Aboriginal sports players, solve the problem of old basketball courts and lighting equipment. After many on-the-spot evaluations, more than one million funds have been invested to complete two new basketball courts with 60% power-saving lighting devices and environmentally friendly and durable building materials. Students can enjoy high-quality and safe sports venues and reduce the demand for land transfer training. For nearby tribal villagers, there is also an additional space for leisure and sports, benefiting a total of about 2350 people.


381C07        In 2021, far EasTone telecommunications expanded and invited 31 supplier partners to Wanli elementary school in New Taipei to build a new "big data + AI + IOT future science and technology classroom" with the core technologies of big data, artificial intelligence and Internet of things (IOT) to replace the old computer classroom, The VR software of the Ministry of education syllabus and the teaching activity of scratch, an open source program developed by Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), are combined to let rural areas primary school students actually experience the core technology of the future. The total investment exceeded NTD 2 million, benefiting nearly 300 teachers, students and children.

        Developing digital teaching materials to protect children's right to education


381C04        The difference between urban and rural education resources has always been a difficult issue. In fact, as early as 2017, far EasTone telecommunications has started to invest in the "flip education, let love far EasTone telecommunications" project. With "digital knowledge popularization and narrowing the gap between urban and rural areas" as the core, it has successively cooperated with education units such as the Ministry of education, pagamo and playful schools to promote innovative education and strengthen the new scientific and technological knowledge of rural areas, At present, it has attracted more than 250 schools and 500000 students.

        Considering the repeated covid-19 epidemic, in order to ensure that children's learning is not interrupted, far EasTone telecommunications sponsored 35000 full if cards to vulnerable children during the epidemic, and provided cross domain learning content of digital technology for children to use and study free of charge during the suspension of classes; For ordinary school children, the "easy to pay epidemic prevention online package" is launched to facilitate students' long-distance learning and improve the overall quality of children's and children's education.

        Promote long-distance diagnosis and treatment and realize equal medical rights

        Medical resources also face the problem of urban-rural differences. According to statistics, there are 40.49 Western doctors per 10000 people in Taipei and only 13.84 in Taidong county. In addition to raising blood glucose machines and donating them to the Taitung county government, far EasTone telecommunications has launched the first 5g long-distance diagnosis and treatment service in Taiwan at 11 health centers such as Lanyu and Lvdao in Taitung County since May 2020. It is jointly consulted by Zhonghe Memorial Hospital Affiliated to Kaohsiung Medical University, Hualien Buddhist Tzu Chi General Hospital and Taitung Madian hospital, giving priority to providing long-distance diagnosis and treatment for local departments that lack specialists. In March 2021, the remote cardiac clinic was further introduced into green island and Lanyu, and the road was replaced by the Internet to help the residents of the outlying islands find the lesions as soon as possible. The above experience has also become a great help to the fight against the epidemic of Far Eastern Memorial Hospital when the covid-19 epidemic was severe in May 2021. Through the integration of the remote diagnosis and treatment platform developed by far EasTone telecommunications and the hospital system, people can download the "far EasTone telecommunications health + remote diagnosis and treatment app" to carry out self-service registration, waiting call and video consultation in one stop, so as to meet people's medical and medication needs on the one hand, On the other hand, reduce exposure risk.


381C05        At present, the "remote diagnosis and treatment service" has completed 5g construction for 39 rural areas health centers in 11 counties and cities, of which 29 rural areas health centers have also completed the construction of remote diagnosis and treatment services, which not only solves the medical problems of rural areas, but also creates economic, environmental and social benefits. In terms of society, doctors in medical centers can reduce the time required for transportation and improve the efficiency of medical resources. In terms of economy, residents avoid the loss of productivity caused by medical treatment, save transportation round-trip costs and reduce the cost of medical treatment. For the environment, online diagnosis and treatment does not need to take transportation, and will not emit greenhouse gases and pollutants. In the future, with the increase in the number of people using services, it is expected to bring greater sustainable benefits. It can even reduce referral and grasp the opportunity of diagnosis and treatment, reduce medical costs, so as to improve medical quality, prolong the remaining life of health, and even relieve the work and psychological pressure of rural areas doctors. Far EasTone telecommunications has therefore become the only enterprise in Taiwan's telecommunications industry that has won the "2021 National Medical Quality Award: industrial application group - Bronze Award" of the consortium corporate hospital evaluation and medical quality policy promotion association.

        Insight into international trends, green operation, zero net profit

        In recent years, the trend of "net zero" has been blowing all over the world. Far EasTone telecommunications deeply recognizes that carbon reduction action is urgent, implements low-carbon operation with core technology internally, and integrates intelligent technology to build diamond green buildings; Expand the innovative application of smart energy, develop its own energy management system platform, and rely on professional knowledge and experience to assist the government and enterprises in building monitoring power consumption, so as to achieve the purpose of effective energy management and production. In addition, far EasTone telecommunications joined the "Taiwan net zero emission Association" initiated by Taiwan Institute for sustainable energy in 2021, and jointly proposed "net zero emission". With the strategies of "energy conservation first", "accelerating green energy" and "energy storage follow-up", far EasTone telecommunications is moving towards the goal of net zero emission of cloud data center (IDC) / Office / market stronghold in 2030 and net zero transformation of the whole company in 2050.


        In addition, far EasTone telecommunications is also committed to launching energy-saving and carbon reduction solutions, cooperating with the Ministry of education to promote the policy of "air conditioning for each class", introducing the self-developed "EMS energy management system" into 41000 classrooms of Taichung City primary school, connecting more than 82000 air conditioners, successfully improving energy efficiency and reducing 2295 tons of carbon emissions; In addition, it cooperates with Taoyuan municipal government in the "smart street lamp" project to replace traditional street lamps with intelligent networked street lamps, and calculates rich service modes through 5g, Internet of things (IOT) technology, big data and AI, so as to effectively reduce the demand for power generation, and then reduce the emission of air pollutants and 22517 tons of carbon dioxide, which is equivalent to the annual carbon absorption of 58 Da'an forest parks.

        Looking forward to the future, far EasTone telecommunications will make good use of its expertise in communication and digital technology to create a mobile life circle. Through the "far EasTone telecommunications heart life" app platform, combined with public welfare, far EasTone telecommunications will call on users to contribute to the society. At the same time, it will also continue to improve its ability in the field of "big data + AI + IOT" (big data, artificial intelligence, Internet of things (IOT)), and realize the vision of "far EasTone telecommunications in life, no distance in communication and richer life".



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