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06.2022 Welfare

Far EasTone telecommunications, Far Eastern Memorial Hospital and Microsoft let you master the "heart life" of epidemic prevention

Far EasTone telecommunication / zhongyizhen
        The far EasTone telecommunication heart life app closely adheres to the concept of "mobile phone is a mobile life circle". Its services cover food, clothing, housing and transportation in life as well as various far EasTone telecommunication services. It continues to expand its partners and provides users with more yuan rich services and discounts. Observing the urgent needs of consumers for epidemic information and visits, far eastern telecommunication heart life app cooperates with Far Eastern Memorial Hospital to launch a "home epidemic prevention" zone, which includes "confirmed number" information and sharing of "life Chronicles" articles related to epidemic prevention. It also synchronously connects with the professional medical information of Far Eastern Memorial Hospital to publish the latest news and doctor columns in the "doctor's Daily".

        In addition, far EasTone telecommunication has also cooperated with Microsoft technology center to import Far Eastern Memorial Hospital epidemic prevention information into Microsoft's "problem solving in azure AI language recognition service (formerly azure AI QnA maker)", and launched "q&a information" related to the epidemic, so as to facilitate people to find problems and solve puzzles, and eliminate the anxiety about home isolation notice and even diagnosis.

        In addition, the public can also download the Far Eastern Memorial Hospital "remote visit" app, which can easily complete online registration and video visit even at home. It can also connect to the Far Eastern Memorial Hospital "online service" to see the vaccine supply trends, make an appointment for self paid sampling, community screening, quarantine clinics, etc., and enjoy complete and professional medical content and services.

        In the future, far EasTone telecommunication and Far Eastern Memorial Hospital will also continue to deepen the cooperation between information technology and medical specialty, and increase the online customer service, real person reply, remote medical online authentication and message functions in the "home epidemic prevention" zone, so as to protect the health of users together.

        Far EasTone telecommunication heart life app "home epidemic prevention":

        Far Eastern Memorial Hospital remote diagnosis and treatment app:

        Far EasTone telecommunication heart life app:


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