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2020.12 第364期
In this Issue2020.12 第364期

  In the last issue of 2020, let's discuss how far east department store and happy go can change the traditional popular marketing of big net, seize the business opportunities of focusing on customers and grasp the new consumption trend in the post epidemic era through customized services. Not only the retail industry, but also the petrochemicals Donglian chemical has restructured its sales team to continuously improve its competitiveness.

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Leader's RemarksThe New Normal : the Impact on the Retail Industry

2020 is a turbulent year, each industry is dealing with grimmer challenges than ever, the unprecedented impact on the retail industry, and in particular the swift changes in consumer behaviors and dynamic operating environment caused by the pandemic. Yet, facing with these impacts and possible new developments, how should retailers adjust their resources and strategies to win over the upcoming new normal?

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Cover StoryLooking at the transformation strategy of Oriental Union Chemical Corporation from the perspective of customization to create a new blue ocean

Oriental Union Chemical Corporation is located in the middle reaches of petrochemical industry chain. It produces ethylene oxide (EO) from ethylene, and then produces ethylene glycol and ethylene oxide derivatives (EOD). This issue of "cover story" will introduce how Oriental Union Chemical Corporation can continuously improve its competitiveness with high-value products under the changing environment.

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Cover StoryGrasp the segment marketing to win the future competition.

As far as enterprises are concerned, it is necessary to change the traditional popular marketing method of spreading large nets and actively cultivate the focus market. Only in this way can we achieve "differentiation" and "precision" in commodity setting and advertising, and really spend marketing budget on cutting edge, creating a profit base for enterprises to win in the post epidemic era.

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Sincerity, Diligence, Thrift, Prudence, InnovationAlways taken trustworthiness as the guiding principle of his business management. Beyond the groupfounder's commitment to constancy, honesty, and openness, he has enshrined Sincerity, Diligence, Thrift, Prudence, and Innovation as Far Eastern's founding philosophy.

To stand still in the torrent of knowledge economy, we must pay attention to the acquisition, accumulation and application of knowledge, and catch the train of information technology. "Far East Magazine" has a new look.