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07.2020 Group Briefing

Selection of 2020 Far Eastern Spirit Award

Far eastern New Century Corporation / Li Menglin
        In order to encourage far easterner's spirit and contribution of "hard work, continuous innovation and continuous contribution"

And as a positive model for the group's affiliated enterprise colleagues to learn to follow

You are invited to run for the Far Eastern Group Spirit Award 2020

The application will be open until 7 / 31 (5)

Application conditions:

1. All team members of the application case must be junior colleagues below manager level.

(public welfare system: school department section chief (inclusive); hospital department section chief (including) or below)

2. The number of team members in the application case shall not exceed 10.

3. The specific effect of the application case must take place from August 1, 2019 to July 31, 2020.

4. The application case should have the spirit of "Far Eastern Group: honesty, diligence, simplicity, prudence and innovation", which can be used as a model for the group colleagues to follow or learn, and apply for the relevant rules of "forward-looking innovation", "corporate image", "operation performance", "active duties" and "group comprehensive effect".

Group Award

Prospective innovation: unique and leading in the industry.

Corporate image: can enhance the company's image and reputation.

Operating performance category: significant contribution to the company's revenue and profit performance.

Group comprehensive effect: different companies work together to improve the overall performance of the group.

Individual award

Active duties: outstanding performance of overstepping responsibility.

Award winning case of 2019 Far Eastern Group Spirit Award

Please refer to far eastern magazine (January 2020 / issue 353) for details of winning cases of "Far Eastern Group Spirit Award" in 2019

Please refer to the Far Eastern magazine website (download section) for the selection method, or contact the organizer of each company

Organizer: Far Eastern Group chair office contact person: Ms. Li Menglin

Tel. + 886-2-2733-8000 (short code 400) extension 8409

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