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07.2020 Story

Mini Marathon of Jiangxi Yadong cement "running club"

Jiangxi Yadong cement / Ke Zhi
        Sunrise in the East and rain in the west, the road is not sunny but sunny, just like this sudden epidemic, people can not prevent. Fortunately, the haze will finally break. The long-awaited first activity of Jiangxi Yadong cement's "running club" - the 5km Mini marathon, officially kicked off in Xiaoyue village, Wujiao Township, far away from the hustle and bustle of cars and horses.

Wujiao village adheres to the concept that "green water and green mountains are Chinsan silver mountains". The whole village is surrounded by green waters and green mountains, just like a paradise in the world. Coming here is like the true portrayal of Tao Yuanming's poem "Jielu is in the realm of people, without the noise of cars and horses.". The smooth and curved asphalt track is endless, and the milky white warning lines inlaid on both sides of the track are shining in the sunlight.

It has held two "National Village marathon" leagues, and is also the hometown of Hu Hua, the "iron shoulder" in the agricultural front in the 1970s. The choice of holding the first club competition here symbolizes the perfect combination of the corporate culture of "honesty, diligence, simplicity, prudence and innovation" of Far Eastern Group and the spirit of "iron shoulder" of model workers of the times.

Before the competition, everyone gathered in Xiaoyue village to take a group photo under the Zhu memorial archway. The flag of Jiangxi Yadong cement was whispering with the breeze on the lake, which was particularly eye-catching!

In view of the fact that some of the competitors have participated in the competition for the first time, in order to prevent accidental injury, the organizing committee specially invited Mr. Ke Yingbin, who has rich experience in running the marathon for more than ten times in China, half a year and all over the country, to explain the experience and safety essentials of running marathon. Then, under the warm-up music, the 7 leaders led all the competitors to warm up. Everyone rubbed their hands, only waiting for the president's order, the players were like arrows leaving the string, accompanied by bursts of cheering, striding through the red flowers and green leaves in the countryside. Idyllic scenery not only washed the physical and mental fatigue after work, but also threw the troubles in life into the air.

        The intimate organizing committee also set up supply points and medical support stations every kilometer in the track, and prepared full-time safety officers and vehicles to escort every player. All the contestants are full of passion and just want to win the championship!

Seeing that the leader was about to reach the finish line, unexpectedly, the runner up broke through the encirclement and became the champion in seconds! Wang Xingxing accompanied the last contestant to safely reach the end of the race. No matter whether you win the prize or not, everyone is happy and happy to complete the first activity of running club.

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