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08.2020 Honor

Sichuan Yadong Cement and Sichuan Lanfeng Cement won the title of "Top 100 Tax-paying Enterprises in 2019" in Chengdu

Sichuan Yadong cement / Shen Jiaxing

        In the face of the complicated and severe economic situation in 2019, Asia Cement Corporation (China) still maintains its honest operation and enterprising spirit. As it grows, it pays taxes according to law and gives back to the society. Sichuan Yadong cement has paid 340 million yuan of tax and Sichuan Lanfeng Cement has paid 210 million yuan of tax. Both of them won the praise and honorary title of "Top 100 Tax-paying Enterprises in 2019" issued by Chengdu Municipal Government. In the future, Asia Cement Corporation will continue to play a leading role in Sichuan and make new contributions to urban development! 



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