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08.2020 Honor

FET was selected as the model in energy conservation again, being the first winner of the "Energy Management Insight Award" in Taiwan.

Far EasTone telecommunication / Jiang guofen

        The energy management team of the United Nations Clean Energy Ministerial (CEM) announced the winners of the 2020 Award for Leadership in Energy Management on July 1. FET won the "Energy Management Insight Award", becoming the second in the world and the first in Taiwan to receive the award in the telecom industry.


        The CEM Award for Leadership in Energy Management was established by the Clean Energy Ministerial, CEM to recognize countries and enterprises with outstanding energy management. FET has been implementing the international energy management system (ISO50001) for many years. It has been a benchmark demonstration enterprise in Taiwan. With its excellent energy management capability, it has successfully won honor for Taiwan.


        FET President Chee Ching said that we have only one earth, and urgent practical actions are needed to reduce and prevent the impact of climate change! FET belongs to the communications industry, making continuous efforts to optimize the network and improve the benefits of software and hardware. It also helps solve energy and environmental problems by combining technologies and applications such as cloud, big data analysis and AIoT. And FET joined GSMA in 2019 to join hands with international mobile communication operators to work together to reduce the impact of global climate change. In the same year, it also joined the Science Based Targets initiative, SBTi, becoming Asia's third certified telecommunications company and actively responding to the SDGs of the United Nations.


        FET’s long-term hard working in the field of energy management for nine consecutive years maintains the effective operation of ISO50001, continuously improves energy performance and strives to improve energy efficiency. One of the most successful cases is the FET’s headquarter building in Neihu. The electricity consumption has been declining year by year for 15 consecutive years, and the cumulative energy saving rate is as high as 57%. The excellent performance is enough to prove that the technology and management methods can overcome the existing limitations and people even do not have to sacrifice the comfort level. In addition, Banqiao TPKC cloud computing center that will be completed soon combines the latest intelligent technologies, such as the wind wall cooling system of the server room, intelligent fresh air system, etc., to effectively improve the energy efficiency, break through the original design obstacles, and passes the authentication of "Diamond green building" of Taiwan Architecture & Building Center, which is the latest successful example of domestic cloud data center. The success of FET not only shows the excellent energy management ability of Taiwan enterprises, but also hopes to become an excellent example of global enterprises. 

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