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08.2020 Leader's Remarks

New technology creates new opportunities for job hunting in post epidemic Era

President Yuan Ze University / JYH Yang Wu

        As novel coronavirus (COVID-19) has been raging, the global economy is seriously affected. According to the World Bank report, it is estimated that global economic output in 2020 will shrink by 5.2%, which is the most serious collapse since 1870. Although the governments of various countries support the total domestic economy by means of different rescue methods, the global manufacturing, service and aviation industries have suffered serious setbacks due to the impact of the epidemic, and the unemployment population will continue to rise.


        This wave of global epidemic not only brings health crisis, affects the original pace of society and economy, but also disrupts the dream of this year's graduates. Many enterprise recruitment plans have been temporarily suspended, and human resources have been readjusted. This year's graduates will also face a severe test of job hunting. However, the crisis is often a turning point as well. The epidemic situation has changed the original economic activities and human thinking, and has unexpectedly promoted the popularization of new technology applications. The future economic activities will face a new mode and new normal.


        Yuan Ze University has always been famous for its information and communications, including artificial intelligence, Internet of things (IOT) and big data, and students have outstanding achievements in participating in competitions. In addition to being the first internationally renowned English teaching university in Taiwan, it also initiated the new bilingual (English and programming language) teaching in the year before last (106 academic year), and the all students of school need to study programming language as compulsory course (Chinese language department is not an exception either), which conforms to the big data digital age and the need of  rise of artificial intelligence and also the focus of the future economic model.


        Yuan Ze University, with the cultivation of talents with global mobility as its main axis, has been successively selected as the world's best university by Times Higher Education, and ranked among the top 100 new-built potential universities in the world which is established less than 50 years. In terms of research and development of industry and school, YZU team participated in the Taiwan Innovation and Technology Expo in 2019 and won eight awards, including one platinum award, four gold medals, two silver medals and one bronze medal. In addition, Professor Lin Chuqing from the Department of Art and Design of Yuan Ze University led the students to participate in the Stanford Design Challenge of Stanford Center on Longevity and won the third place with "pillow fight". Besides, the students also have excellent performance outside. Medical information and remote medical laboratory student of Department of Information Management participated in the China Mobile Internet Innovation Contest in mainland and won the first prize with intelligent computing work automatic segmentation and identification of the characteristics of ECG assisted by AI. The postgraduate students of Department of Electronical Engineering Ye Shijun, Cai Chengzhi, Li Baihan, etc. participated in the "The Fifth Internet + College Students' innovation and entrepreneurship competition" and won the Gold Award for" voice control master - offline smart voice switch "; Wang Weihong and Lin Jiangwei of Department of Electronical Engineering won the first prize in the first" IC Layout Contest "held by TSMC. Many students also performed well in the external competitions, showing the efforts and achievements of Yuan Ze University Students in learning.


        Since its founding, Yuan Ze University has been supported and assisted by all walks of life, cultivating many excellent talents, and the performance of alumni in the society is also highly recognized. Last year, the University conducted a questionnaire survey on the satisfaction and competitiveness of alumni. Nearly 90% of the alumni found a job within six months after graduation, of which 43.1% had found a job before graduation. At the same time, 62.5% of the alumni are quite confident about their performance in the workplace. More than 90% of the alumni think that the performance of younger students in the workplace is good, 54% of them think that they have excellent performance, 98% of the supervisors give positive affirmation to the performance of yuan Ze University alumni in the workplace. In the 108 alumni and employer satisfaction survey, more than 80% of the respondents were satisfied with Yuan Ze University alumni's "professional ability", "problem solving ability", "communication and expression ability", "independent thinking ability", "getting along well with colleagues", "professional ethics" and "team cooperation", which fully shows the enterprises’ affirmation and recognition to Yuan Ze University's alumni's in the workplace.


        To sum up, it is obvious that the competitiveness of the alumni of Yuan Ze University in the workplace is highly recognized. This year is a difficult year, and the global economy has been affected. Let's work together to tide over the difficulties. If your enterprise needs the allocation and recruitment of human resources in the new stage, we hope that you will give the graduates of Yuan Ze University this year the opportunity to show their talents, give them the opportunity to enter the workplace, expand their horizons and continue to learn.


        Finally, your support and suggestions are the driving force for the growth of Yuan Ze University. If you have any valuable opinions on the running of Yuan Ze University, welcome to give your advice at any time. We will continue to work hard to improve the quality of higher education and cultivate more excellent talents for the country, society and enterprises. 

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