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08.2020 Group Briefing

2020 General Shareholders’ Meeting of FET - transition for commercial use of 5G is ready, hoping to cover the half of the population in Taiwan by the end of the year

Far EasTone telecommunication / Lin Mengxuan
        Far EasTone telecommunications held the 2020 regular meeting of shareholders on June 19, which was attended by the Chee Ching president and the management team led by Douglas Hsu to explain last year's operating results and future strategic layout. With the joint efforts of all colleagues, far EasTone telecommunications has produced a solid operating report card. In 2019, the consolidated total revenue reached NT $83.866 billion, the combined EBITDA (interest before interest, tax, depreciation and amortization) and after tax earnings were 29.152 billion yuan and 8.735 billion yuan respectively, and the earnings per share (EPS) was 2.68 yuan. Far EasTone telecommunications maintains a stable and excellent dividend distribution rate. This year, it pays cash dividends of 3.25 yuan per share, with a dividend payout rate of 121%. For nine consecutive years, the dividend distribution rate has exceeded 100%, ranking first in the industry.

        Douglas Hsu said, "creating high investment returns for shareholders and implementing sound corporate governance are the only way for corporate sustainability development. To meet the new era of 5g, far EasTone telecommunication has been built with great care, attentive service and the most comfortable user experience. We only do the best 5g. Through rich spectrum resources and advanced network technology, we will provide consumers and business partners with first-class network experience and innovative application services. 5g is expected to cover half of the population in Taiwan by the end of the year, so that every user can enjoy the best 5g + 4G network experience. This is the promise of far EasTone telecommunication. "

        Five advantages of far EasTone telecommunication 5g

        Five important indicators of far EasTone telecommunication, such as network speed, ARPU, number of door numbers, enterprise customer revenue and enterprise private network, are among the best in the industry, laying an excellent foundation for the development of 5g. Network speed: according to the third party's mobile network speed measurement report, it ranks the top in the network speed; ARPU: monthly rent users, ARPU ranks first in the industry; number of door numbers: individual users and Internet of things (IOT) The total number of door number is the second in the same industry; enterprise customer revenue: last year, the enterprise customer revenue accounted for 20%, which was the top in the industry; enterprise private network: it took the lead to put forward 4 college network solutions, completed the trial implementation of 9 enterprise private network (POC), signed the industry's first target customer 5g private network, with more than 40 potential customers, and the future ICT revenue growth momentum is strong.

        Bandwidth advantage + advanced communication technology to create "whole network" first class experience

        Far EasTone telecommunication has achieved 80MHz bandwidth and excellent position in the key 3.5GHz frequency band, and the average user bandwidth is the highest among the major competitors. With the careful UMTS and LTE networks covering the whole island, it spans 700, 1800, 2100, 2600mhz low, medium and high frequency bands, and uses Ericsson's exclusive equipment to construct the whole island, on the one hand, it reduces the multi vendor network compatibility With Ericsson's award-winning "dynamic spectrum sharing" (dynamic spectrum sharing) 4G + 5g network wide optimization technology, it is expected to create the highest quality and efficient "whole network" first-class experience.

        5g advanced deployment, business positioning

        Far EasTone telecommunication 5g has been deployed ahead of time, setting many first records, including 5g laboratory, 4G LTE and 5g NR dual connection test, proposing four enterprise private network modes, 5g open test field, MediaTek 5g chip test environment and cross year 5g outdoor field, which is the prelude of business transformation in 2020.

        In terms of consumer applications, far EasTone telecommunications has signed a memorandum of cooperation (MOU) with 5g leader Korea Telecom (KT) to carry out 5g, digital content, roaming and other cooperation; far EasTone telecommunication Friday has also joined hands with the wall to invest in self-made entertainment content; far EasTone telecommunications has joined hands with China Network Systems Co, Ltd. BB broadband and TBC Taiwan broadband have launched the "one fee, three share" information fee for mobile Internet access, optical fiber Internet access and digital cable TV services, with a view to enriching consumers' lives through 5g.

        In terms of enterprise customer layout, the POC customers of the nine enterprise private networks of far EasTone telecommunication cover the fields of science and technology, manufacturing, retail, medical treatment, start-up companies, and government cooperation projects. Recently, with Delta Electronics, Inc. and Microsoft in Taiwan, they announced to build the first 5g smart factory in Taiwan. The annual growth rate of new economy revenue of far EasTone telecommunication in 2019 is as high as 21%, and the annual growth rate in the first quarter of 2020 is even higher than 44%. The proportion of new economy revenue increases from 10% in 2018 to 13%. It is estimated that it will increase to 15% in 2020. In terms of new economy revenue, it is estimated that the growth rate will be 13 billion yuan.

        In addition, the cloud service revenue of far EasTone telecommunication will grow by 459% in 2019, the annual growth rate of Internet of things (IOT) business revenue will also reach 343%, and the annual growth rate of system integration project revenue will be 33%. The strong operation strength will create excellent business performance and financial performance.

        Take the lead in launching 5g remote diagnosis and treatment to create "zero distance for rural diagnosis and treatment"

        Far EasTone telecommunication implements corporate social responsibility, combines 5g "big data + AI + IOT (big data, artificial intelligence, Internet of things (IOT))" technology with the advantages of diagnosis and treatment in Taiwan, and has set up Zhonghe Memorial Hospital Affiliated to Kaohsiung Medical University, Buddhist Tzu Chi General Hospital and Far Eastern Memorial Hospital Taitung Mackay Memorial Hospital organized the "national team of remote diagnosis and treatment" to launch the first 5g long-range medical treatment forward-looking plan in China, realizing the medical remote action, replacing the road with the Internet, breaking through the gap between urban and rural areas, and realizing "zero distance for rural diagnosis and treatment".

        Looking forward to the future, far EasTone telecommunications will continue to focus on environmental, social and economic issues with practical actions, accelerate the innovation and transformation of far EasTone telecommunication, and realize the vision of "life with far EasTone telecommunication, communication without distance, and richer life" with 5g big data + AI + IOT core competence.

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