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09.2020 Welfare

Far Eastern Plaza Hotel, Tainan cooperates with city artist to make the gifts in Mid-Autumn Festival more artistic.

Far Eastern Plaza Hotel, Tainan / PU Yiyun
        Far Eastern Plaza Hotel, Tainan invited City artist Lin Zhiwei to convey the warmest blessing through the touch of the most beautiful scenery and cultural alleys in Fucheng under the theme of "ancient capital style and warm feeling". A series of refined moon cake gift boxes, from traditional Cantonese style moon cakes to pineapple and Avon mango cakes, as well as far Eastern Plaza Hotel, Taipei, Tainan exclusive [North South moon] gift box. For corporate gifts, the hotel provides exclusive trademark printing services; at the same time, it can enjoy a large number of preferential ordering and free designated delivery service on Taiwan Island. You can enjoy a discount of 85% if you buy the gift box before August 31. From September 1, you can buy 10 for 1 free. Please contact (06) 702 8854 for ordering hotline and details.

                [fish dragon dance] traditional moon cake gift box RMB 1188 (6 in / box)

                Fenghuang wood is the most common road tree planted in the old city of Tainan City, so it has the good name of Phoenix City. The flowers of Phoenix are blooming, which symbolizes the strong human feelings and hospitality of the ancient capital. For each box sold, the gift box will donate $11 to the Bethlehem foundation for culture and education to bring strength and hope to the infants and their families with slow-growing children. The second box will be purchased with a discount of 1000 yuan with the triple bond of revitalization. Six Cantonese style moon cakes with both classic and innovative flavor are included, including crispy and solid "healthy Wuren", full and solid taro filling, "taro flavor milk" with light milk fragrance, "jujube mud walnut" with distinct layers, traditional flavor of "Lotus egg yolk" mixed with salty and sweet flavor, "Tan Pei Oolong Ma Zhen" with charming tea flavor and mellow "chocolate peanut" Each contains one, about 90 grams each.

                [star like rain] milk yellow moon cake gift box 1088 yuan (6 in / box)

                The Abel tree blossoms, like a golden wind chime falling from the tree, like a golden rain in the sky, symbolizing the romantic poetry of the ancient capital Tainan. There are two "dried scallop milk yolk" with rich salted egg yolk aroma and scallop flavor, two Hong Kong style milk yolk with Jinsha and two sesame milk yolks with sesame fragrance, each containing about 50g.

                [reminiscence of hometown] pineapple and mango crisp gift box: RMB 698 (10 in / box)

                The scenery of alleys in the Old City District of the ancient capital is charming. Through strong white space, texture and rich colors, it presents a simple and homely flavor. It contains a dense and delicate "pineapple crispy". It is made of native pineapple, wax gourd and low heat. The solid filling is very hard to stop. It also uses Tainan Aiwen mango "Aiwen mango cake". It takes a lot of time to cook into a fruit flavored inner filling with mango paste with fruit grains, golden skin and sweet and sour. Each flavor contains five, about 50g each.

                Far Eastern Plaza Hotel, Taipei, Tainan exclusive

                It is designed with an ancient jewelry box with classical charm. The basket frame of moon cake is compared with the window, and the moon is in the middle. It expresses the idea of "looking at the bright moon outside the window, thinking twice about your family during the festival". We look at the same moon, no matter where we are, our hearts will be in the home we most love. It contains: healthy moon cake; taro paste with healthy walnuts, full of sweet flavor of "walnut taro"; lotus paste with full salted egg yolk, the entrance will melt the multi-level flavor of "Lotus egg yolk"; with healthy longan pulp and ziziziphus jujube, the stuffing is more delicious "longan jujube"; it takes time to cook pomelo pulp until the water boils "Honey grapefruit" with fragrant nose; mini and delicate pineapple crispy, soft cake skin, and "pure pineapple" with rich cream and fruit fragrance. About 50 grams each. One for each flavor.

        In addition, a series of hand-made "egg yolk cakes" and "pineapple crisps" are piled up in the "pinxiangfang" on the first floor of the hotel. They are priced from six to twelve, ranging from 398 yuan to 698 yuan per box.

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