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09.2020 Welfare

Revitalizing consumption power! Take coupons to FET stores to get the maximum increase

Far EasTone telecommunication / Chen Xinsheng
        Haven't you figured out how to use the triple coupon? Don't worry, come to the far EasTone telecommunication store to enjoy a five fold discount! From now on to September 30, consumers can get a maximum discount of 1000 yuan if they come to the far EasTone telecommunications store to apply for the specified scheme of tablet, wireless home Internet and smart speaker, and use triple coupon with face value of 200 yuan when checking out, which is equal to "five times amplification" of your discount. The smartest way to use the coupon in far EasTone telecommunication is to use the coupon! Take the hot-selling iPad 4G 10.2 "128G as an example, the original price is 18400 yuan, and the special price is only 10990 yuan with the 699 information fee of far EasTone telecommunication 4G tablet. With the triple coupon of" five times magnification "of far EasTone telecommunication, the discount can be more than 1000 yuan, which is equivalent to that of 9990 yuan for 10.2 inch iPad 4G!

                Far EasTone telecommunication stores are ready for users to apply for the smart speaker information fee scheme, and purchase the hot summer commodity Helian intelligent 14 inch DC fan (market price 3490 yuan), as long as a triple coupon of 200 yuan can be taken home! You can also choose net intelligent sweeping robot A3 or Helian intelligent sweeping robot. You can get another 1000 yuan discount from the special price. You can buy a life helper with three times the coupon. This summer, you can start the smart life of "no action with your mouth".

        In addition, for those users who have a need for Internet access and want to bring home the topic of 3C home appliances at one time, far EasTone telecommunication recommends the big wireless family entertainment scheme, which can also enjoy the extra fare after buying triple coupon. For example, airpods with wireless charging box (market price: 6490 yuan) only costs 2490 yuan; Kangsheng Leishen hammer sports fascial gun, the best partner of muscle and fat reducing athletes, costs only 1 when the market price exceeds 8000 yuan, You can take it with you directly, or you can take a small white gas frying pan, a mountain and water air oven, and a sharp sterilized ion air cleaner, which is necessary for every household. You can apply for home Internet and popular home appliances with triple coupons at far EasTone telecommunication!

                Please refer to the official website of far EasTone telecommunication for the relevant discount.

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