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09.2020 Group Briefing

Save the invoices in the app to get a gift from Chungli Pacific SOGO Department store

Pacific SOGO Department Store Zhongli store / Lin Yuqian

        Chungli Pacific SOGO Department Store held "cloud invoices" activities with Zhongli tax collection office, National Tax Administration, Ministry of Finance on July 18 and August 2 to respond to environmental protection and promote paper free to care for the earth.


        Download the "unified invoice app" for the first time on the site of the event to exchange a bag of rice to let more people know the convenience of cloud invoice. If you have downloaded it, you can also exchange it for a waterproof waist bag; if you donate a cloud invoice that has not been drawn on site, you can also exchange a gift coupon of 100 yuan or a movie ticket, so that customers who have downloaded the app can also enjoy a good gift.


        Chungli Pacific SOGO Department Store actively promotes paperless and unified invoice app, making environmental protection a habit. Protecting the environment and caring for the Earth starts from simple things, which is also a little contribution we can make to the earth.

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