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10.2020 Honor

Being a winner for eight years in a row! Pacific SOGO Department Store won two awards of "labor safety award" of New Taipei

Pacific SOGO Department Store / Liao Peiyu

        The Labor Bureau of Taipei municipal government announced the latest list of winners of the labor safety award. Pacific SOGO Department Store won two awards: "excellent and healthy workplace" and "excellent personnel". This is also the eighth consecutive year that Pacific SOGO Department store has won 15 awards, leading the retail industry in Taiwan! Pacific SOGO Department Store Sophia C.W. Huang chairman said that creating a happy and safe workplace internally and creating a secure and intimate shopping environment externally are the unremitting direction of Pacific SOGO Department store. It will continue to do its corporate responsibility and make greater efforts on the road of on-the-job security.

        This year is the eighth time that Pacific SOGO Department store has won the "Taipei labor safety award". Among them, "excellent and healthy workplace" has been awarded for the fourth time since 2012, and "excellent personnel" Wu Kaida has been affirmed for the second time. It shows that Pacific SOGO Department Store's investment in labor safety is long-term and systematic.

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