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10.2020 Life Guide

Using credit card in a smart way makes life have more surprises.

Far Eastern International Bank / Lin yingying
        Nowadays people usually hold multiple credit cards. Have you ever bothered which one to use? In fact, as long as you take some time to understand the various preferential policies offered by various banks and make good use of exclusive rights and interests, you can save your pocket money!

        Generally speaking, the rights and benefits offered by credit cards of various banks can be roughly divided into the following five categories:

        1、 Food and beverage

        "Delicious food" is the best way for modern people to relax or maintain their relationship with their relatives and friends. All banks will offer discount discount by credit card in designated restaurants, or "two people go together, one free" in popular restaurants. Some banks even offer the services of booking seats in Michelin star rated restaurants and prepaid by credit card. If you can make good use of credit cards, you can save a lot of money and you can also Enjoy the wonderful life on the tip of your tongue. Take the Far Eastern group credit card as an example. As long as you pay 10000 yuan a month, you can choose Shangri La Far Eastern Group hotel or Mega 50 buffet "two people, one free" once. This year, it won the Far Eastern Plaza Hotel recommended by Michelin, Taipei Xianggong Cantonese restaurant can enjoy 20% off with far eastern international bank card, so you can enjoy the delicious food.

        2、 Department store shopping

        In 2020, the annual peak season of department stores is coming. Which credit card should be used during the anniversary? In order to seize the big pie of signing accounts, the banks have offered to enjoy the full amount of credit card, the gift of coming to the store, the double points, and the bonus of credit card by stages. Among them, Far Eastern International Bank, which has the advantages of convenient location, people and comprehensive effect, has successfully cut in with the happy credit card of the Far Eastern Group in recent years. In addition to introducing the general discount for all department stores, the purchase of cosmetics and maintenance products also has a maximum 2-digit percentage of feedback, so that the Far Eastern group can get more benefits Happy credit card has become the "magic card" of SOGO Department Store's annual beauty products.

        3、 Refueling transportation

        The international oil price is always fluctuating. Instead of waiting for the oil price to fall, it's better to make good use of the gas CO branded card discount, or choose the bank credit card cooperating with the gas station, and help yourself save money by giving preferential feedback such as self-service gas. If you need to go to work on the highway every day, remember to install Etag and bind the credit card to avoid forgetting to pay! For example, the Far Eastern International Bank Etag co branded card can enjoy a 10% discount on the national road toll. After the successful application for the Etag automatic storage service of the Far Eastern International Bank card for the first time, it can also enjoy 100 yuan of stored value discount. In addition, it can provide a discount of 1.2 yuan per liter for self-service refueling at designated gas stations. In addition, in order to encourage cardholders to concentrate on consumption, Far Eastern International Bank Etag co branded card also provides full credit card consumption, and you can enjoy free parking for 2 hours each time in the next month at dudoufang / YONGGU 24tps parking lot, which can save you nearly 10000 yuan parking fee a year.

        4、 Courtesy of going abroad

        In order to encourage cardholders to purchase tickets and group fees, most of them provide airport VIP rooms, parking around the airport, airport pick-up and delivery, and business clearance For example, Far Eastern International Bank's top class happy card of Far Eastern Group, which provides "unlimited use of airport VIP rooms and airport pick-up by double-B class cars", is very popular with high-end consumers. However, it doesn't matter if you don't have a top-level card. As long as you use the card with international organizations, you can also enjoy the comfortable service of transportation to the government. Recently, novel coronavirus pneumonia has slowed down, and domestic and Islands tourism demand has increased. This reminds you that if the above concessions are not available in China, it is suggested that banks should be asked before they can credit cards. However, in order to make cardholders enjoy CITS at ease, Far Eastern International Bank specially allows cardholders to purchase full domestic travel tickets or group fees by swiping their cards. They can enjoy the "free parking around Xiaogang airport" to revitalize the domestic tourism market.

        5、 Zero interest rate of credit card installment

        Whether you pay taxes, pay tuition fees, pay premiums, buy online, buy Electrical furniture Before swiping the card, you may as well pay attention to your own consumption ability, so as not to worry about how to pay the card fee when you receive the bill. Many banks offer a discount of "zero interest rate for each installment" from 3 to 24 issues. Some banks also provide cash feedback of up to 1-2%. For example, if you pay the premium with the happy card of Far Eastern Group, you can enjoy the interest rate of 12 installments if you pay the premium with the happy card of Far Eastern Group, and you can enjoy a maximum of 5000 yuan of credit card and cash coupon of Far Eastern Group Hotel, 200 yuan, so that the cardholder's use of funds more flexible, more secure!

        In addition to the above-mentioned additional rights and interests of credit cards, with the popularity of e-commerce and mobile payment, as long as mobile phones are bound with credit cards, payment can be easily consumed, which not only improves the transaction speed, but also reduces the inconvenience of carrying cash. During the epidemic period, it is more necessary to reduce the contact opportunities to avoid the risk of cross infection. Some digital wallets and banks even issue co branded cards to provide binding wallets and enjoy designated channel feedback. In the life circle of Far Eastern Group, use happy go pay to bind Far Eastern International Bank card and spend in Far Eastern Department store or SOGO Department store. In addition to the additional feedback provided by merchants, happy go points can be doubled. During the festival period of department stores, 200 points of happy go can be redeemed for 100 yuan discount coupon, and the consumption discount of cash can be immediately enjoyed.

        It is suggested that you should understand your consumption pattern before swiping the card, and choose the credit card with bonus collection point or cash feedback according to personal habits, concentrate consumption with channel discount, and master win win win strategy, so as to enjoy the benefits of card swiping and make life courteous to plus.

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