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03.2021 Welfare

Enjoy up to 25% of feedback to link FEIB accounts with LINE Pay Money

Far Eastern International Bank / Chen Yiru
        In order to accelerate the promotion of Inclusive Finance, in late December last year, the Legislative Yuan will amend the regulations on the administration of Electronic Payment institutions through the third reading. It is expected that by June this year, people can transfer accounts between accounts of different electronic payment platforms, and can also buy and sell foreign currencies and funds. In order to provide customers with more convenient financial services, Far Eastern International bank offered its account to link to the line pay money service. Using the line pay money, customers can enjoy a maximum of 25% feedback to meet their demand for mobile payment. Far Eastern International Bank Bankee community bank also connects the "account opening" service to the electronic payment platform. After the user opens an account, the system will directly connect to line pay money, and the digital account opening and aclink account connection can be completed simultaneously with one click. This saves the customer the process of opening an account. The service is expected to be launched by the end of January 2021.

        742D03        From now on to March 31, 2021, Far Eastern International Bank or Far Eastern International Bank Bankee customers will connect the line pay money service to the deposit account of Far Eastern International Bank, and open the functions of "automatic stored value" and "automatic stored value transaction balance" to enjoy 5% line pay for each consumption Money stored value fund feedback, unlimited access no brain pay, the maximum feedback is NT $100. What's more, Far Eastern International Bank adds another 20% to Bankee's new account. Through the designated link aaa77, it successfully applies for Bankee's digital deposit account and binds it to line pay money, and then uses line pay money to pay for consumption. It can enjoy a maximum return of 25% of the value of line pay money and a maximum return of NT $700.


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