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03.2021 Welfare

Launch of FEIB's new card, helper of the young parents.

Far Eastern International Bank / Chen Yiru
743D02        Far Eastern International Bank observed the consumption data of credit cards and found that young parents aged 30 to 45 are the main consumer groups supporting the economic development of domestic demand. Therefore, it launched the "Far Eastern Group happy family + card" focusing on parent-child courtesy, hoping to become the God teammates of young parents on the road of raising children.

        743D01        Far Eastern Group Lejia + kashoubo and nearly 80 web companies in Taiwan The cooperation includes the well-known Cloud Gate dance studio, FunBox toy counter, etc., which provides discount or upgrade of courtesy, multiple choices of parents' holiday parent-child activities, step-by-step arrangement of children's learning courses, and maximizes the value of the purse. In addition, Far Eastern International Bank Thomas Chou president believes that only with happy parents can we have a happy family. Therefore, as long as the consumption accumulated by swiping the card reaches the full amount in a single month, you can choose one of the following month to exchange for the physical and mental pressure relief programs, such as zodenis spa or fitness factory membership in a single month, free watching of far EasTone telecommunication Friday video and audio, hoping to provide parents with warm care and support.

        As the country's first credit card focusing on parent-child courtesy and the needs of young parents, Far Eastern Group Lejia + card, starting from the four aspects of "loving family, expressing pressure, giving back and financing", not only provides practical benefits, but also integrates wealth management and loan services When you apply for credit or housing loan, you can get preferential treatment. When you reach certain transaction conditions, you can also enjoy the upgrading service of financial products, so that your parents can make financial layout for the future in advance.

        Celebrate the launch of Lejia + card. Far Eastern International Bank offers special time limited and value-added discounts such as the first brush gift for new households and the maximum 8% cash return. Parents with school children and young children can learn about it on the official website of Far Eastern International Bank!

                Prudent financial management and priceless credit

        Far Eastern International Bank credit card revolving rate: 6.74% ~ 14.99% (base date 2021 / 1 / 1)

        Handling charge for cash advance: amount of cash advance × 3% + NT $150;

        For other expenses, please go to www.feib.com.tw query


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