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11.2021 Welfare

Far Eastern Plaza Hotel, Taipei fun

Far Eastern Plaza Hotel, Taipei / Yu Chengying
        Funny and reasonable Halloween is coming. From now to October 31, Far Eastern Plaza Hotel and Taipei will be limited to theme desserts and wine mixing to have fun with friends, big and small! French dessert chef Hu Mengyang Qiaosi designed a series of Halloween limited desserts that challenge creativity and amaze taste buds. They are sold in the cake room on the first floor, including dark spider web, ghost head shaped cupcakes, etc. there is no limit to humor! The Marco Polo lounge on the 38th floor also offers the theme of wine mixing. The creative special tune based on vodka and tequila presents eye-catching shapes such as skeletons and zombie claws, which is full of the sense of Festival ceremony! The Far Eastern Group caf é cafeteria, which is the most popular cafeteria for the whole family, also holds a Halloween biscuit DIY parent-child activity during the Halloween lunch on October 31. The quota is limited. You need to book (02) 7711-2080 in advance. Halloween cake is limited to booking three days ago. Please contact (02) 7700-3155 for details.

        Dark spider web (7-inch 1680 yuan / small cake 250 yuan)

        Different from the colorful desserts in the past, the chef specially brought out the dark cake for Halloween. The outer layer presents a bright black appearance with chocolate glaze, which sets off the spider web lines outlined by white chocolate. There are several lifelike spiders crawling on it. Not only the shape is eye-catching, but also the unique flavor is more amazing! The soft and dense chocolate sponge cake contains blackberry jam stuffing and is covered with cream mousse with Earl tea flavor. Tea flavor is intertwined with bitter and sweet cocoa and cream mousse, which makes people prefer to be deeply trapped in this dark.

        Halloween Pumpkin (7-inch 1680 yuan / small cake 250 yuan)

        The pumpkin necessary for Halloween has been transformed into a pumpkin flavor cake just like its name through the ingenious hands of the chef. A special mousse coated vanilla sponge cake with black tea applesauce and pumpkin mud. The bottom layer is chocolate cocoa crisp cake. You can not only taste the purest and rich pumpkin of the season, but also taste the tea aroma of black tea and the sweet flavor of apple. The pumpkin shape is also decorated with gold foil and black bat, which is the most luxurious taste at the scene!

        Ghost Head (220 yuan each)

        Halloween must be full of children's fun dessert! The lovely head shaped cupcake is covered with vanilla cake. After biting, a stream of bright red is sour, sweet and delicious cherry syrup. The head shape is to outline the brain lines with cherry cream frosting, and point the white chocolate shaped eyeballs to draw the dragon "eyes" for Halloween. It is full of fun and absolutely captures the hearts of big children.

        Witch fingers (250 yuan / 6 tablets) & Wansheng crispy (260 yuan / 6 tablets)

        Like the cream biscuits and Matcha biscuits of witch's fingers, it is creepy. The vivid nail shape is decorated with almond particles. The thrilled broken finger is full of rich cream aroma. The crispy taste is more and more delicious, which absolutely makes people "move their index finger"! In addition, ghosts and ghosts are transformed into super cute "All Saints crispy". Cinnamon cookies are shaped like super cute baby bats, skeletons and white little ghosts. They are painted with black and white milk chocolate. They are funny and cute. They are Halloween theme cookies full of festival feeling!

        Marco Polo Lounge (38F) all saints creative special

        Halloween is not just for children. Go to the Marco Polo lounge before the end of October to experience the festival theme of adults. You can also enjoy the discount of buy one get one free! The bartender team, especially based on tequila and vodka, creatively matches a variety of unique and witty bartenders to give adults a moment to get rid of their usual seriousness and have a dark humor!

        A gift from a witch (390 yuan)

        The bartender specially blows a crystal ball bubble on the champagne glass, which looks like a witch who can see through the future. He takes the herbal tequila as the base wine, plus grapefruit and lemon juice, and finally reconciles the soda water. It looks like a simple material. Once he drinks it, the tip of his tongue immediately feels the mutual flow of carbonated bubbles and fruit acid, like lightning, like a mysterious and attractive witch potion, A touch of universal fear arises spontaneously.

        Revenge of skeleton (390 yuan)

        The appearance is filled with a skeleton shaped wine cup with a full sense of horror. Vodka and white grape liqueur are the main tones. The bartender Qiaosi puts fresh perilla into the wine, uses perilla leaves with the unique smell of osmanthus and horse report, responds to the orange flower fragrance in white grape liqueur, and finally adds bee honey and lemon juice to reconcile, which was originally thought to be a heavy taste of revenge, In fact, it's fresh, refreshing, light, sour and sweet after putting it down!

        Devil's Feast (390 yuan)

        Bursts of white dry ice are dense in front of you, and the treacherous atmosphere makes your hair stand upright! With vodka as the base, mix with tropical passion fruit, Hami Melon Liqueur and lime juice, and then pour apple juice to neutralize the acidity. Multiple tropical fruits are stacked and reconciled. The fruit aroma contains hot and strong vodka. The crystal clear green wine liquid is hung on the rim of the cup, and then hung with insect shaped fruit fudge full of childlike fun, so that the original mature vodka aroma reveals a familiar fruit smell in childhood, Is to lead out the dusty childlike innocence and rush to a demon feast.

        Far Eastern Group caf é cafeteria Wansheng biscuit DIY parent-child activity

        The Far Eastern Group caf é cafeteria, which is deeply loved by adults and children, will not only add halloween themed desserts on the dessert table during the Halloween lunch on October 31, but also hold interesting biscuit DIY parent-child activities to invite everyone to give full play to their imagination, play tricks and creativity together, and decorate their own halloween themed biscuits!

        [Halloween cake ordering information]

        Activity period: from now to October 31

        Business hours of the cake room: 08:00 ~ 19:00 every day

        Halloween cake reservation is limited to three days, special line: (02) 7700-3155

        [Marco Polo lounge business hours]

        Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Sunday: 17:00 ~ 22:30

        Friday and Saturday: 17:00 ~ 00:30

        Weekend afternoon tea: 14:00 ~ 17:00

        [Far Eastern Group caf é cafeteria Wansheng biscuit DIY parent-child activity]

        Activity period: 12:45 ~ 13:30 pm on October 31 (Sunday)

        Activity quota: 15

        For details and reservation, please contact: (02) 7711-2080

        Far Eastern Plaza Hotel, Taipei reminds you that excessive drinking is harmful to your health

        Far Eastern Plaza Hotel, Taipei address: No. 201, Section 2, Dunhua South Road, Taipei

        Tel: (02) 2378-8888, website:


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