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12.2021 Life Guide

Do you have any good ideas for exchanging gifts at Christmas?

Far Eastern Department Stores / Zheng Jiahui
376I05          Merry Xmas Colorful Christmas trees, rich Christmas meals and Christmas gifts full of surprises can be called the three elements of Christmas. Of course, the most exciting thing is to exchange gifts, but how to choose so as not to step on thunder? Come and see the surprise proposal of Far Eastern Department stores!

        Exchange gifts two or three things

        376I02        Origin: there are many festivals in a year. Why do you choose to exchange gifts at Christmas? Although there are different opinions, the most reliable connection comes from more than 2000 years ago. The three doctors of the East brought gold, frankincense and myrrh as gifts to the upcoming Jesus, which was full of beauty and blessings. Later, it became the origin of Christmas gift exchange.

        Tibetan stem: if you want to win applause for your prepared gifts, you should score points for topic and packaging. Appropriate appearance and packaging can highlight small ingenuity, and the gift with the most powerful topic can win the most popularity. In addition, the gift suitable for men and women and suitable for young and old is the best choice for lightning protection; To create a laugh point, exaggerated high contrast packaging ensures that the "smile" is full of fruit.

        Mind: people have their own good and bad gifts. There will never be a standard answer. The most important thing is the mind of the giver.

        【 10000 yuan take-off 】

        A Garmin Venus 2S AMOLED GPS smart Watch

        It has good texture, complete basic functions, all-weather health monitoring function, support for a variety of sports modes, music function, easy card and credit card payment function. Of course, the convenience of calls, newsletters or social media notifications should not be underestimated. Recommended price: 13900 yuan, (02) 8231-6253, 6th floor, Far Eastern Department stores, Banqiao.

        376I03        [within 5000 yuan]

        B Kuan's living kuanting life hall Italian emerald cold jade Fragrance Gift Box

        With Florence's most famous handmade paper packaging, he selected the world famous spice producing place, Glass's essence, which contained aristocratic red wine 500g fragrance wax and candle extinguishing device. The recommended price is 4500 yuan, 7 / F, Far Eastern Department stores, Banqiao, (02) 2953-1658.

        C freyafalu textured military hat

        The delicate and comfortable texture is the brightest accessory for going out in winter. Recommended price: 3560 yuan, B2 floor, Xinyi A13 store, Far Eastern Department stores, (02) 2723-2909.

        D Noritake Doraemon disc 5-piece set

        Doraemon 50th anniversary, full of childlike and lovely hand-painted feeling, showing a unique style. The recommended price is 3200 yuan, 6 / F, Baoqing store, Far Eastern Department stores, (02) 2375-6339.

        E zodice leather wrinkling diagonal Backpack

        Leather texture, carmine highlights the focus of winter modeling. The recommended price is 6980 yuan, and the exclusive preferential price of group colleagues is 2250 yuan. B2 floor, Xinyi A13 store, Far Eastern Department stores, (02) 6616-1652.

        F L'OCCITANE osaudan Fengfang limited edition high capacity hand cream group

        It contains 150ml of harvest Shea Butter hand cream and 150ml of snow-white flower fragrance Shufu hand cream, which can effectively relieve the dry and cracked skin of both hands. The recommended price is 2200 yuan, 1st floor, Far Eastern Department stores, (03) 526-2766; 1st floor, Jiayi store, Far Eastern Department stores, (05) 235-4285.

        G wooderful life three eyed monster home lamp

        Micro USB charging can be supported. Touch the hidden switch to immediately emit soft light source and create a comfortable atmosphere for you. The recommended price is 1800 yuan, 0916-462-471, 1st floor, Far Eastern Department stores, Tainan.

        H a yuan Yuetao formation

        The tubers of Yan xuanyue peach hidden in the soil for six years, rich and complete nutrients and flavonoids, bring delicate care and moisture to the skin of the whole body, which is very suitable for the dry climate in winter. Recommended price: 1610 yuan, 8th floor, Far Eastern Department stores, Taichung City, (04) 2254-0925.

        376I04        【 about 1000 yuan 】

        I FunBox Mario Table Hockey

        Parent child board games, friends' gatherings, super suitable party games, a variety of scoring plates can have more ways to play! The recommended price is 1450 yuan, 6th floor, Far Eastern Department stores, Kaohsiung, (07) 536-2116.

        John forest essential oil stick

        The top selling commodity can relieve head discomfort, heatstroke, mosquito bites, relax shoulders and neck, help boost spirit and other effects. 10ml per bottle, recommended price 880 yuan, 4th floor, Far Eastern Department stores, Hsinchu, (03) 620-2920.

        K yoku Moku Christmas limited original cigar omelet

        Fresh cream made from Hokkaido natural raw milk has strong aroma and soft and dense taste. It is packaged in a delicate and high texture Christmas gift box. 20 yuan per box, recommended price 920 yuan, B2 building, Far Eastern Department stores, Taichung City, (04) 2254-0585.

        L timberland fluffy side Backpack

        Wheat colored fluffy side backpack with adjustable strap and convenient button opening and closing for easy and fast access to items. The recommended price is 1200 yuan, 7 / F, Zhongshan store, Banqiao, Far Eastern Department stores, (02) 2956-3820.

        M Edwin Edo Sheng series denim environmental protection bag

        Classic denim fabric with generous and stylish embroidery logo design is durable and popular. The recommended price is 1690 yuan, the exclusive preferential price of group colleagues is 1161 yuan, 8 / F, Far Eastern Department Stores Taoyuan store, (03) 334-1380

        N new era 940unst nenyc cap

        Green, khaki, royal blue, black and other four colors are introduced, which can adjust the head width. It is matched with straight barrel retro brushed tannin pants and very popular work clothes coat to wear casual street style. Recommended price: 1380 yuan, (02) 6637-0352, 8th floor, Far Eastern Department stores, Banqiao.

                Note: the full text of "preferential price" requires the production of the group's employee identification card until December 31, 2021.


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