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12.2021 Honor

Far EasTone telecommunications "Taoyuan sewer intelligent monitoring system" was awarded the gold map award

Far EasTone telecommunications / Zhang Weijun
        Far EasTone telecommunications assisted the Water Affairs Bureau of Taoyuan municipal government to build a "sewer cloud Internet of things (IOT) intelligent monitoring system" with "big data + AI + IOT (big data, artificial intelligence, Internet of things (IOT))" technology and geographic information system (GIS) On October 20, he won the "2021 Golden Map Award - Best Application System Award" issued by Taiwan Geographic information society. Qiu Jianhua, senior senior vice president of far EasTone telecommunications enterprise and international business group, attended and received the award.

        In order to improve the efficiency of water management, Join hands with far EasTone telecommunications to take the lead in building a "sewer cloud Internet of things (IOT) intelligent monitoring system" with Nb IOT sensing device and GIS geographic information Combined with the image collection of pavement flooding monitoring station, through big data and AI image identification, and the national initiative to integrate the judgment and interpretation of virtual water gauge water level and tire water level, it provides real-time and accurate flood height monitoring and prediction, which not only assists the research and judgment of decision-making response and post disaster causes before and during the disaster, but also improves the decision-making speed of flood early warning and disaster prevention, so as to achieve the results of effective prevention and mitigation.

        Far EasTone telecommunications said that this system cooperates with Feng Chia University geographic information system research center and zhunlian smart technology company. At the same time, it connects with sewer project construction data, which can effectively grasp the construction situation and assist the project management time; Through the analysis of the status of sewer network, we can find out the key pipe sections of sedimentation and carry out efficient dredging dispatch, which can reduce the labor cost of routine maintenance and patrol inspection by about 40%, and reduce the labor, time and cost of sewer maintenance and management.

        Since far EasTone telecommunications cooperated with the Water Affairs Bureau of Taoyuan municipal government to invest in sewer intellectualization, it has successively won the "2020 smart city innovation and Application Award - smart water field" The "2020 cloud Internet of things (IOT) Innovation Award" won the "2021 Golden Map Award for best application system" this time, which shows that the innovative application achievements of far EasTone telecommunications in developing smart cities have been deeply affirmed by all walks of life.


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