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12.2021 Honor and Personnel Change

Leading green retail SOGO, Far Eastern Department stores and A. mart to win the "National Enterprise Environmental Protection Award"

Far Eastern Magazine / Editorial Room
        Far Eastern Group has promoted green retail to achieve better results. Pacific SOGO Department store, Far Eastern Department stores and A. Mart have won the Gold Award, silver award and copper award of the 3rd national enterprise environmental protection award respectively. Among them, Pacific SOGO Department Store won the "honorary environmental protection enterprise award" this year in addition to winning awards for three consecutive years. On November 4, President Tsai ing Wen specially received representatives of award-winning enterprises and affirmed their contributions and efforts to environmental protection.

        Pacific SOGO Department Store is committed to building the first green department store in Asia. After the solar light collection power generation system on the top floor of Tianmu store, the top floor of Hsinchu store also releases space. The second solar power generation system will be built by the end of 2019 and will be put into operation in 2020. In order to reduce resource consumption, Pacific SOGO Department store has actively developed green payment, and the amount of paper reduced so far has reached the height of two E.Sun banks. In addition, large-scale small-scale agricultural exhibitions are often held to promote low-carbon diet. Since 2015 was set as the first year of Pacific SOGO Department Store CSR, it has won more than 100 CSR related awards at home and abroad. It has also won the silver award or above of the "National Enterprise Environmental Protection Award" for three consecutive years (2019 Silver Award / 2020 Silver Award / 2021 annuity Award). It has also won the "honorary environmental protection enterprise award" this year, setting a precedent for department stores.

        Far Eastern Department stores used the thinking of manufacturing industry to manage the energy efficiency of service industry, set up an energy conservation team to implement 27 large-scale energy conservation projects, and the power consumption per unit of turnover decreased by 6.4% in five years. Moreover, in response to environmental protection and love for the earth, Far Eastern Department stores not only adopted street trees and parks around the shopping mall, but also regularly held environmental education activities such as empty cosmetic bottles, old batteries, second-hand clothes and old book recycling, calling on consumers to practice environmental protection from life. At the same time, Far Eastern Department stores also gives play to the channel power of chain department stores to promote "local production and local consumption", assist in marketing local high-quality agricultural products and attract consumers to purchase nearby.

        Also actively carrying out green action is a. Mart mass merchandiser. Since 2019, solar photovoltaic power generation equipment will be set on the roof of each store and EV charging station will be arranged. In addition to the green building construction of Taichung City water store last year, this year, it also cooperated with Fanli orange to introduce an exclusive 24h zero manpower flagship intelligent resource recycling machine - ecoco "big cocoa". Consumers can get environmental protection points for recycling bottles and cans, making resources sustainable into the fun of daily life. Therefore, it has become the only award-winning enterprise in the mass merchandising industry in Taiwan.


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