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12.2021 Honor and Personnel Change

The first Far Eastern Group in Taiwan won the 10 awards of "Taiwan sustainable action Award"

Far eastern New Century Corporation / Tang Weihuang
779A00        The first "2021 tsaa Taiwan sustainable action Award" was held on October 13. Five enterprises under far eastern group, including far eastern New Century Corporation, far EasTone telecommunications, Pacific SOGO Department store, far eastern big city shopping malls and Asia Cement Corporation, won 10 awards, The number of awards is the highest in the whole Taiwan group. Far eastern group implements Sustainable Governance from top to bottom, creates ESG corporate culture, sets corporate policies such as carbon reduction process, green energy, human rights protection and honest management with international high standards, practices sustainable actions and constructs a sustainable environment, which is highly recognized.

        779A01        Far eastern New Century Corporation is not only a global leader in recycled polyester economy, but also a cross domain sustainable finance, leading domestic financial innovation, It has become the only enterprise in China to issue three types of sustainability development bonds (green bonds / sustainable development bonds / social responsibility bonds), and it is the first in Taiwan to be included in the international capital market association (ICMA) the non-financial enterprises in the sustainability development bond database won the Gold Award. In addition, far eastern New Century Corporation also established a management mechanism to reduce operational risk in accordance with the code of conduct of integrity and ethics, and won the Bronze Award for the "all-round risk management innovation project".

        Far EasTone telecommunications won two gold and one silver awards and performed outstanding in three areas of enterprise sustainability development ESG. In addition to "Taiwan's first 5g remote diagnosis and treatment to break through the development of the medical industry", promoting remote diagnosis and treatment to care for rural residents and improve the problem of insufficient diagnosis and treatment resources, far EasTone telecommunications has also developed and applied intelligent environmental management system in combination with the latest intelligent technology, and won the Gold Award for environmental sustainability with the project of "promoting intelligent energy management"; With the goal of popularizing digital knowledge and narrowing the gap between urban and rural areas, it launched the project of "flipping education to cultivate students' digital literacy", which was recognized by the silver award of social integration.

        Far eastern group won two awards this year, among which Pacific SOGO Department Store won three awards. Pacific SOGO Department Store won the silver award for its nine aspects, shaping an all-round green operation culture, creating a new blueprint for environmental sustainability, and then won the second silver award for its brilliant performance in promoting the creation of the business district in the Eastern District of Taipei. Not only that, Pacific SOGO Department store, as the first department store in China to issue e-gift certificates, comprehensively upgraded its app last year, leading the explosion of paper gift certificate conversion momentum. More than 1.3 billion e-gift certificates were issued throughout the year. Through the issuance of e-gift certificates in the past six years, it has saved about 2 E.Sun banks with high paper consumption, so it won the Bronze Award.

        Big city far eastern big city shopping malls has long been concerned about the age gap of seasonal ischemia and blood donation in Taiwan, liver cancer and hepatitis, the social trend of aging, and the difficulty of finding comfortable and economic sports space. Since 2018, it has held diversified health promotion activities with more than 70 partner groups to improve community health and people's quality of life, Won the silver award for "community health big value added - building a good health platform for all ages".

        Asia Cement Corporation, in accordance with the United Nations sustainability development goals sdgs, planned the activity of "rising day by day - Asia Cement Corporation ecological park tour exhibition", which expanded ecological education from Hualien to the outside, so that hundreds of thousands of friends, big and small, could experience ecological education and expand their positive influence in the city, so they won the silver medal.

        Far Eastern Group has won a number of ESG related awards at home and abroad in recent years, including DJSI world DJSI world sustainable stock, international Sustainability Index MSCI global sustainability index, FTSE4Good emerging market index component stocks and Taiwan sustainability index; In 2020, the nine affiliated enterprises of Far Eastern Group won the 32 awards of global corporate sustainability awards and Taiwan Corporate Sustainability awards, ranking first in the whole group.


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