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12.2021 Honor and Personnel Change

Promoted recycled economy Asia Cement Corporation to win the "2021 two star award for outstanding resource recycling enterprises"

Asia Cement Corporation / Yan Jialu
        The "2021 resource recycling excellent enterprise" organized by the Environmental Protection Administration held an award ceremony on November 5. Asia Cement Corporation Hualien factory won the highest honor two-star award of the "recycling group". Zhang Zhipeng, deputy president and General Plant Manager (senior executive vice president) of Asia Cement Corporation, said that due to the process characteristics of the cement industry, the firing temperature of the rotary kiln exceeds 1400 degrees, which can not only effectively remove waste, but also be used as alternative raw materials and alternative fuels to greatly reduce the consumption of natural resources. It is an important promoter of recycled economy. Asia Cement Corporation is very happy to share its experience in resource reuse, join hands with the cement industry, expand the amount of waste energy, actively promote the transformation of energy resources, and let Taiwan move towards a green home of sustainable regeneration.

        Recently, there are frequent incidents of illegal dumping or disposal of waste, which seriously pollutes the environment and affects people's life and health. Asia Cement Corporation stressed that Hualien plant has promoted recycled economy for many years and has long assisted government agencies, state-owned units and private enterprises in recycling waste. Last year, the total treatment volume was nearly 240000 tons, the largest of which was to convert furnace slag generated by the iron and steel industry into raw materials that can replace limestone; Waste wood, pulp and paper sludge with biomass energy can also be transformed into fuel that can replace coal. In particular, last year, all the water purification sludge of Taipei waterworks were treated and reused by Asia Cement Corporation Hualien plant. If new Taipei city was added, a total of 83% of the water purification sludge in greater Taipei was treated by Asia Cement Corporation Hualien plant. Asia Cement Corporation is proud and honored to allow people in both northern and northern cities to use clean water. It is estimated that Asia Cement Corporation has effectively reduced greenhouse gas emissions after implementing resource recycling measures, with a total carbon reduction of more than 52000 tons, equivalent to the carbon adsorption capacity of 133 Da'an forest parks in a whole year.

        The 26th United Nations Climate Change Conference (cop26) is being held in the UK as the global cement and Concrete Association (GCCA) member, Asia Cement Corporation has jointly announced a new carbon reduction milestone and promised to achieve the goal of net zero carbon emission in 2050. Promoting recycled economy is the most direct and effective way for the cement industry to reduce greenhouse gas emissions in the short term. In the future, Asia Cement Corporation will continue to improve and become a model factory of recycled economy with advanced technology and the spirit of loving the earth Heart, friendly environment, good corporate social responsibility, and promote the harmonious coexistence of economic development and environmental protection.


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