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12.2021 Group Briefing

Far EasTone telecommunications cooperates with Taiwan plant to form a 5g private network ran ecosystem

Far EasTone telecommunications / Lin Mengxuan
        In early July this year, far EasTone telecommunications joined hands with Ericsson, an international manufacturer, to establish Taiwan's first "dual-mode full 5g core network laboratory" and successfully built 5g independent networking (standalone, SA) test platform, combined with seven major ran manufacturers in China, such as Compal Electronics, delta power, fhnet, Guangbao, Heshuo, sercomm and Qiqi, formed a domestic 5g private network ran ecosystem at the end of August, combined with far EasTone telecommunications and Nokia The independent networking mode core network dedicated to 5g private network built by (Nokia) scheme starts the end-to-end integration test and verification of N78 band 5g private network in the far EasTone telecommunications field, greatly promotes the construction process of 5g independent supply chain in Taiwan, improves the value of 5g industry and builds the key position of international supply chain.

        Far EasTone telecommunications and Ericsson signed a "memorandum of cooperation on 5g network development" in the middle of this year to jointly promote 5g to a new stage, including comprehensively promoting 5g network from non independent networking to independent networking architecture, so as to fully release 5g potential, fully realize the characteristics of large bandwidth, low latency and a large number of connections, and give birth to 5g long-distance surgery, Internet of vehicles Killer applications such as smart city have landed. In addition, far EasTone telecommunications actively carries out end-to-end integration testing with domestic Netcom equipment manufacturers and terminal equipment manufacturers. Far EasTone telecommunications plays the helm of intermediate research, judgment, coordination and arbitration on the interoperability of multiple manufacturers, and carries out compliance and compliance testing in accordance with international organization standards, Accelerate the strength of Taiwan factory design and integration with the core network of international large factories, and promote the gradual maturity of Taiwan 5g ecosystem and integration with the world.


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