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12.2021 Group Briefing

2021 Asian Eastern University cup 3-on-3 Basketball Invitational Competition for heroes from all schools

Asian Eastern University of science and technology / Chen Junhong

        In order to celebrate the renaming of Asian Eastern University of science and technology and its 53rd Anniversary, Far Eastern Group Far Eastern Memorial Foundation specially sponsored and held the "2021 Asian Eastern University Cup National College and high school 3-to-3 Basketball Invitational Competition", so as to promote basketball and improve the national sports atmosphere. The competition was held in the gymnasium of Asian Eastern University of science and technology from October 9 to October 16. It attracted 22 universities and colleges across the country, more than 100 players participated enthusiastically for a total prize of up to 300,000 NTD.

        Finally, Soochow University and Chengchi University won the championship of men's group and women's group respectively. After the race, the group headman team led by far eastern group Douglas Hsu and the former five tigers of Oriental women's basketball team, Chen Liqin, ye Sujuan, Xu Tairong, Deng Bizhen and Deng Biyun, came on the stage for a "legendary duel" and won warm applause.



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