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01.2022 Special Report

2021 Far Eastern Group Spirit Award and energy saving Award Presentation Ceremony

Far Eastern Magazine / Editorial Room
377D01        Unlike in previous years, in response to the epidemic, the "Far Eastern Group Spirit Award and Energy Conservation Award Presentation Ceremony" changed to video to connect the venue to ya Tung department store headquarters, Baiyang building, far EasTone telecommunications, Xinpu chemical fiber plant, Asia Cement Corporation Hualien plant, Jiangxi Yadong cement Shanghai Xinghuo factory, Hubei Yadong cement, Sichuan Yadong cement, Suzhou management department Far eastern Polytex (Vietnam) and other places let more colleagues at home and abroad witness this glorious moment. At the same time, the organizers also edited the positive activities of various companies during the epidemic prevention into a film to record how we give full play to the spirit of Far Eastern Group and fight the epidemic with the community.

        After the moving film, the annual "Far Eastern group energy saving Award" and "Far Eastern Group Spirit Award" were officially presented. Let's cheer for the elites of Far Eastern Group!

        Far eastern group energy saving Award

        377D02        [excellent institutions]

        Winner: Ya Li precast prestressed concrete Industries Corporation

        Ya Li forecast stressed concrete Industries Corporation implemented a series of energy-saving measures, including adjusting the process, replacing heavy oil with LPG, and implementing centralized night curing time, effectively reducing unit energy consumption and improving energy efficiency. From the third quarter of 2020 to the second quarter of 2021, the energy-saving rate reached 30.3%.

        [excellent projects - manufacturing]

        Winner: Asia Cement Corporation

        Hualien plant of Asia Cement Corporation actively promotes recycled economy, improves process equipment with its own technology, and uses waste ore slag of steel plant to replace limestone raw materials to reduce coal consumption of rotary kiln. At the same time, paper sludge, waste plastic film and biomass solid waste are used as alternative fuels to save 12000 tons of coal consumption every year, with remarkable benefits.

        [excellent projects - non manufacturing]

        Winner: far EasTone Telecommunications

        In response to the growth of 4G network consumption, far EasTone telecommunications introduced new equipment of elixin 4415 to expand the capacity of 4G 2100 frequency band, and accommodated the existing 3G system and old 3G RF equipment on the platform through new 3G and 4G mixed mode technology, so as to reduce power consumption and achieve the energy-saving benefit of single equipment double effect service, with an annual energy-saving rate of 49%.

        Far Eastern Group Spirit Award - excellent work

        377D03        [corporate image]

        1 Winner: Jiangxi Yadong cement / Award for optimization and upgrading of traditional industries

        Jiangxi Yadong cement accelerated its transformation, established its advantages, won the government's industrial optimization and upgrading award, and was shortlisted as the first batch of municipal comprehensive pilot enterprises for the optimization and upgrading of traditional industries in Jiujiang City, Jiangxi Province. At the same time, it is also the only cement enterprise, greatly improving its corporate image.

        2 Winner: Far Eastern Polytex (Vietnam) / Far Eastern Polytex (Vietnam) epidemic prevention

        Facing the impact of covid-19 epidemic, Far eastern Polytex (Vietnam) applied to the provincial government to implement three local cases - local production, diet and rest, "advance deployment, prevention and rejection" to build an epidemic prevention network. 2000 people passed RT-PCR detection, and the operating rate was as high as 80%. In addition to cooperating with the government's epidemic prevention policy, it also gave play to the spirit of the community in times of difficulties, donated epidemic prevention materials and established a good corporate image.

        3 Winner: U-Ming marine transport / breakthrough in 325000 ton ship management and operation

        U-Ming (Xiamen) international ship management company undertakes and manages the 325000 ton "Yuyuan" and "Yuzhi" ships. It has accumulated ship management experience by arranging competent engineers and ship receiving crew to participate in new ship supervision, training of super large ships and new main engines, sea trial and sending shore based personnel to participate in the first voyage. It is the first 325000 ton ship management company in the mainland, Enhance the image and influence of U-Ming marine transport.

        [forward looking innovation]

        1 Winner: Yuanchuang wisdom / successful output of Thailand M6 / M81 wisdom Expressway

        Yuanchuang wisdom, surrounded by large factories in various countries, successfully won the bid for the electronic toll collection and traffic control system of M6 / M81 smart highway in Thailand during the epidemic, and won the first M9 RFID multi Lane free flow pilot case in Thailand, which established the leading position of electronic toll collection in Asia and attracted Thai operators and neighboring countries such as Malaysia to seek cooperation opportunities, Become the flagship representative of overseas output.

        2 Winners: Far Eastern Ishizuka green pet Corporation / figp and Japan's 7-11 "100% pet close loop" initiative

        Far eastern Ishizuka green pet Corporation cooperates with Japan 7-11 to recycle PET bottles recovered from 350 stores in Tokyo. Through figp design and third-party certified feeding tracking and management system, PET bottles are made into bottle bricks with exclusive specifications, and are reused in 7-11 products in cooperation with bottling factory Coca Cola Japan, Achieve the initiative of "100% pet close loop" and significantly improve profitability.

        3 Winner: Ya Tung ready mixed concrete corporation / rmbt sand and stone methylene blue quick screen detection method

        Ya Tung ready mixed concrete corporation has developed a fast screening detection method, which can quickly quantify the changes of mud content and material quality of concrete sand and gravel, so as to accurately use the amount of cement binder and improve the carbon reduction efficiency. It is expected to reduce 24000 tons of carbon emission and save high cost every year.

        4 Winner: Far Eastern New Century Corporation / a new era of sustainable environmental protection

        Far eastern New Century Corporation integrates upstream environmental protection raw materials and downstream Far Eastern Dyeing & finishing (Suzhou) development technology. Starting from the three concepts of environmental protection raw materials, energy saving and waste recycling, far eastern New Century Corporation cooperates with brands to develop waste shoe / clothing materials into recycled fibers, recycled carbon dioxide into recycled fibers, water-saving nylon fibers without dyeing Marine recycled yarn is matched with five recycled economy products such as functional fabric design and green digital printing. Its environmental protection and energy-saving technology has led the industry for 3 ~ 5 years. It is a key partner of global well-known brands.

        [operation performance]

        377D04        1 Winner: Far Eastern New Century Corporation / solid second division L4 modified to produce RPET

        Gu'erke changed L4 equipment to produce BTB products to improve production efficiency. At the same time, through independent transformation, it greatly saved the relevant costs of design, material purchase and construction and reduced the investment cost.

        2 Winner: Far Eastern Department Stores / exclusive coupon booking system captured the heart of TSMC

        Far Eastern Department stores is TSMC's customized coupon booking system, which provides an intuitive and convenient coupon booking environment, promotes scheduled promotional activities in the coupon booking process, improves the brand visibility of Far Eastern Department stores, and effectively improves the overall performance of department stores and related retail of the group.

        [group comprehensive effect]

        1 Winners: Far Eastern International Bank, far EasTone telecommunications / open banking data sharing - creating innovative financial services

        Far Eastern International Bank and far EasTone telecommunications have many customers respectively. This cooperation has formed an "open banking team" to share customer data in compliance with laws and regulations, and jointly develop "far EasTone telecommunications Friday wealth management +" innovative financial services through the integration and analysis of financial and telecommunications data, Become the first team approved by the Financial Supervisory Commission to handle the phase II business of "open bank".

        2 Winners: merger of Far Eastern Union Petrochemical (Yangzhou), far eastern New Century Corporation, Oriental Union Chemical Corporation, Shanghai Yuanzi information / far Oriental Union Chemical Corporation, Oriental Petrochemical (Taiwan) (Yangzhou) and Tongda gas

        This project is the first merger between Yizheng City and Far Eastern Group in mainland China. Through the efforts of colleagues on both sides of the Strait, it is finally completed on schedule without precedent and very short preparation period, so as to effectively save enterprise operating costs and enhance competitiveness.

        [active staff]

        1 Winner: Pacific SOGO Department Store - Chen shuofu Manager / mainland investment loss application for income tax deduction

        In order to recognize the operating losses of subsidiaries in mainland China, Pacific SOGO Department store must reduce its capital to apply to the IRS for income tax credit. Chen shuofu manager studied with lawyers and secretaries of Hong Kong and BVI common law systems, completed relevant procedures in accordance with the laws and regulations of overseas regions, obtained all supporting documents, and finally obtained the tax credit approved by the IRS.

        2 Winner: Yuanshi digital technology -- Fu Xuanwei Senior Engineer / Friday AI tag platform application service

        Fu Xuanwei, a senior engineer, took the initiative to think of the core concept of "Friday AI tag platform", actively developed and extended the application, created a personalized experience, and successfully used data-driven services to make Friday closer to customers. After customer search, the click through rate increased by 2.5 times, and the monthly activity performance of target commodities increased by 300%.

        3 Winner: Shanghai Yuanzi information -- Wang xiaojue, Deputy Manager / Far Eastern Group's new accounting digital transformation and AI innovative intelligent management landing Yuanfang industry (Shanghai)

        Deputy manager Wang xiaojue integrated a number of technologies and led the team to create the first set of Far Eastern group intelligent automatic expense management platform, which was put into practice in Far Eastern industries (Shanghai). It has been recognized by the accounting, business, personnel, joint inspection headquarters and other departments, and will continue to be promoted everywhere in the future, Become a new intelligent accounting platform of Far Eastern New Century Corporation.

        Far Eastern Group Spirit Award - honors

        [corporate image]

        1 Winner: Oriental Petrochemical (Taiwan) University of science and technology / Oriental Institute of technology upgraded to Oriental Petrochemical (Taiwan) University of science and technology

        During the preparation for renaming the Oriental Institute of technology as a University of science and technology, the Oriental Institute of technology overcame multiple difficulties and finally proposed to renew the examination after promoting the approval of the use license of "collaboration between industry and school and Youth Innovation Building" of Danshui campus, which was approved by the Ministry of education in June 2021, It has been successfully upgraded to Oriental Petrochemical (Taiwan) University of science and technology since August.

        2 Winner: Asia Cement Corporation / Recycled Economy: turning waste into treasure, clean, zero and sustainable development

        Asia Cement Corporation helped the government and enterprises solve the waste disposal dilemma, successfully used 280000 tons of waste and resource materials to replace natural raw materials and fuels, and reduced about 84000 tons of carbon dioxide emissions. In addition, Asia Cement Corporation is also the fourth cement company in the world to set the reduction target of SBT scientific basis and specifically respond to the global climate control temperature rise below 2 ° C. It has won many awards at home and abroad, greatly improving the environmental protection and sustainable image of the enterprise.

        [forward looking innovation]

        1 Winner: Far Eastern Memorial Hospital / the first intelligent anti epidemic to build a comprehensive care cloud

        Far Eastern Memorial Hospital assisted New Taipei city to open the largest "Banqiao enhanced version - centralized quarantine station" in Taiwan in just 80 hours, improved the process, accelerated the timeliness of patient disposal and transfer, and diagnosed and treated patients through cloud care mode, Create a record of "zero death of patients, zero infection of nursing colleagues, and the severe rate and mortality are far lower than those in Taiwan", successfully curb the New Taipei epidemic and protect Taiwan.

        2 Winner: Oriental industries (Suzhou) / cord fabric development for energy-saving tires

        Oriental industries (Suzhou) developed light-weight, energy-saving, high modulus and low shrinkage yarn and tire cord fabric. As a light-weight and energy-saving tire for electric vehicles, it has obtained the continuous certification of a large international tire manufacturer. The two sides signed a cooperation treaty and officially commercialized it in 2020. The technology has also obtained national patents. It is expected to develop more tire cord fabric specifications required for electric vehicles in the future.

                [operation performance]

        1 Winner: chiahui Power Corporation / breaking through difficulties to obtain smart machinery investment credit

        Originally, the competent authority determined that the smart machinery investment deduction method was not applicable to the power generation industry. Through continuous coordination and efforts between the project team of chiahui Power Corporation and the industry bureau, and timely providing the smart technology applied by the power generation industry as supporting data, it finally succeeded in obtaining the exclusive smart machinery investment deduction approval for the unit equipment of phase II power plant as a power generator.

        2 Winner: Ya Tung ready mixed concrete corporation / Xinyi A7 building (Taipei Sky Tower)

        Ya Tung ready mixed concrete Corporation launched new products - temperature controlled concrete and intelligent concrete, and proposed the exclusive supply mechanism of "concrete with material, pump and maintenance", which can not only provide better construction services for the owner, but also ensure product quality, and finally obtain the business opportunity of exclusive supply of Xinyi A7.

        [group comprehensive effect]

        1 Winners: Far Eastern fibertech, Yuanfang industry (Shanghai), far eastern Dyeing & finishing (Suzhou) (Suzhou), far eastern apparel (Suzhou) (Suzhou), far eastern apparel (Vietnam) / global exclusive nylon 6,6 vertical supply chain

        In this case, five companies from Taiwan, China and Vietnam cooperated to build a high-quality vertical integrated supply chain from nylon 6,6 precursor, processed silk, high elastic cloth to yoga clothes, become the main supplier of lululemon, establish a clear growth strategy with the brand, greatly improve the operation performance of each company and consolidate the leading position of the group in the textile industry.

        2 Winners: arcoa, far EasTone telecommunications, data express InfoTech, Yuanshi digital technology / Omo diversified customer service experience

        Integrate the enterprise resources of many companies of the group, as well as the information flow of store sales, warehousing and transportation management, connect a dense and transparent information network, and cooperate with logistics to establish a "customer experience model and structure of diversified elastic distribution", promote the efficiency of group people flow and business flow, and effectively improve customer usage, channel net Recommendation Index and satisfaction, Fully demonstrate the comprehensive effect of the group.

        [active staff]

        1 Winner: Far Eastern Memorial Hospital -- Zhang Houtai section chief / leading the critical care team to care for the critical patients of New Taipei covid-19

        During novel coronavirus pneumonia, Section Chief, as the Oriental Petrochemical (Taiwan) chief ward, led the intensive care unit to work on the care process, the preparation environment and the materials collection. It not only served as a forerun for the new crown pneumonia patients, but also assisted in the treatment of severe patients in the hospital, establishing a communication platform for doctors and patients and visiting family members. At the same time, it has contributed a lot to the development of care procedures for isolated patients.

        2 Winner: Far Eastern New Century Corporation - Zhuang Guohong Manager / Nike, fenc shoe material cooperative development project

        Zhuang Guohong manager has made unremitting efforts to promote Far Eastern New Century Corporation topgreen to the brand customer Nike shoe materials department ® Recycle yarn, restart Nike's suspended unified purchase case of shoe material conversion and environmental protection yarn, and successfully make the new long fiber group of Far Eastern Group become the main supplier designated by Nike shoe materials, with remarkable benefits.


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