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2020年09月號 樂活職人


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  • I have a bit of good news.(我有一些好消息)

I have a bit of good news. Our company has finished selecting the applicants who wish to join the MA program this year.(我有一些好消息。我們公司今年已完成儲備幹部的招募與篩選。)


  • We have good news.(我們有好消息)

We have good news. Our revenue this month has increased by 20%.(我們有好消息。本月業績上升了20%。)


  • We have great / wonderful / splendid news.(我們有個超讚的消息)

We have wonderful news. We are starting a clean energy project that will help us become a green company by the beginning of the third quarter this year. (我們有個超讚的消息。我們已經啟動了潔淨能源項目,今年第三季開始,將會成為綠色環保的公司。)


  • We are excited to announce / share that…(我們很興奮的宣布/分享)

We are excited to announce that we have signed the contract with ABC company!(我們很興奮的宣布,我們跟ABC公司簽訂合同了!)

Sample Dialogue(情境範例)

Mark:Did you have a good lunch break, Sabrina?(用過餐了嗎?Sabrina.)

Sabrina:Yes, I did. In fact, I have a bit of good news. There is a new food court in the building next to ours and it’s open to everyone.(有的。事實上,我有一個好消息。隔壁大樓的新美食街已經開始對外營業了。)

Mark:Finally, we have more choices for lunch – and even dinner!(終於,我們的午餐有更多選擇了,甚至晚餐!)

Sabrina:We would no longer be limited to convenience-store meals and instant noodles during busy days.(以後我們忙碌時,將不再只能選擇便利商店或泡麵了。)

Mark:I also have wonderful news. All our colleagues who are sent to other locations and those who work from home can finally come back to the office.(我也有很棒的消息。之前分流到其他區域工作或在家工作的同事們,都可以回來辦公室上班了。)

Sabrina:That’s amazing! I know there are many people who don’t like working from home because they feel disconnected and they don’t have full access to company resources.(那真是太好了!我知道那些在家工作的同事不太適應這樣的模式,有時會感覺無法跟辦公室接軌,或是無法完全取得辦公室的資源。)

Mark:Well, they will be back by the end of the month. We had several internal online meetings last week, in preparation for their return.(嗯,這些同事將會於月底前歸隊。上周我們內部開過數次線上會議,就是為了準備夥伴們的回歸。)

Sabrina:When I go back to my floor, I will be very excited to announce that to everybody in my department.(我迫不及待等一下就回去告訴部門同仁這個好消息。)

Mark:However, we still need to stay cautious and continue to follow safety protocols. Masks, hand sanitizers, and temperature checks will be utilized until this pandemic is over.(不過,我們仍需要注意並持續謹守防疫守則。在疫情結束之前,要確實戴口罩、量體溫,並且用酒精消毒雙手。)

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