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08.2020 Group Briefing

"FET 5G" with the best frequency spectrum to be sold soon

Far EasTone telecommunication / Zhang Weijun
        5g golden week's finale! Far EasTone telecommunication, which has the highest average user bandwidth among the top three telecom operators, officially announced the launch of "far EasTone telecommunication heart 5g" on July 3. With the advantage of spectrum, users can not only upgrade the first-class experience of 5g network at 4G price, but also exclusively launch 5g solution. After the traffic is used up, they can continue to enjoy the super preferential discount of 4G high-speed eating and satiety. Users with high or low consumption can enjoy the top-level network of far EasTone telecommunication. With the latest 5g flagship model, the highest cash discount is nearly 35000 yuan, and the Samsung Galaxy S20 is directly taken away with 0 yuan!

        On the opening day, far EasTone telecommunications will not only invite nearly 100 5g ecosphere strategic partners to participate in the grand event. Far EasTone telecommunication Douglas Hsu will connect with the 5g Experience Hall of seven major department stores of Far Eastern Group and the all far EasTone telecommunication stores to invite consumers to meet far EasTone telecommunication 5g new era. More than 300 far EasTone telecommunications outlets in Taiwan also have 5g service experience areas, so that consumers can experience the 80 MHz broadband of far EasTone telecommunication in the 3.5GHz top-level fish belly position, plus the 5g whole network experience created by the original 4G "dream flagship" spectrum, and the brand-new 5g service.

                Spectrum advantage: Top fish maw serving

        Far EasTone telecommunication 5g is on sale. The chief chef of Far Eastern Group is now cooking the top fish maw. Mr. Lin Jialong from Department of transport, Chen Yaoxiang, chairman of National Communications Commission (NCC), and Industrial Development Bureau are invited by far EasTone telecommunication Douglas Hsu, LV Zhenghua, the chief of Ministry of economic affairs, will taste together, symbolizing that far EasTone telecommunication will bring consumers the first-class 5g whole network experience through the most delicious 5g top-level fish belly frequency band and dream flagship spectrum.

        Far EasTone telecommunications Douglas Hsu said that Taiwan has officially entered the 5g era this week. Far EasTone telecommunication 5g has been deployed ahead of time, willing to invest and build. Moreover, Far Eastern Group covers all industries of food, clothing, housing, transportation and entertainment. 5g applications are closest to the demand and have the largest variety of varieties. "Far EasTone telecommunication" is the "far EasTone telecommunication" Heart 5g has already been ready. Choosing to sell today is the only auspicious day of the week, and "good wine sinks into the bottom". Among the 5g services open to bid in the market, only 5g users of far EasTone telecommunication enjoy the average maximum bandwidth, which is the smartest choice for consumers.

        Far EasTone telecommunications Chee Ching president said that far EasTone telecommunications will give full play to the advantages of dreamlike spectrum combination to create the first-class 5g whole network experience for consumers, and give priority to covering Liudu business district and densely populated areas. It is expected to be built by the end of 2020, At the same time, it also encourages users to upgrade 5g and 4G Mobile TV stations, and to provide 5g mobile TV stations and other mobile stations with 50% coverage rate of mobile TV and entertainment services. It also encourages users to upgrade their services to 5g and other mobile stations.

                Information fee upgrade to enjoy first class experience

        As for 5g, far EasTone telecommunication provides the spectrum of top-level fish belly position. Compared with fish head or tail position, consumers pay the same price, and they should choose the best one! The "far EasTone telecommunication heart 5g" information fee scheme, from 599 yuan to 2699 yuan per month, is divided into seven levels. Consumers can choose according to the amount of their own. They eat well, eat very full, and provide diversified and rich services. The "far EasTone telecommunication heart 5g" information fee design allows users to upgrade painlessly. From RMB 599 a month, they can enjoy the 4G + 5g high-speed network of far EasTone telecommunication, with a monthly payment of 1, From 399 yuan, you can enjoy 5g Internet to get full. Users who are used to 4G eating need not worry. They choose to pay 999 / 1199 yuan per month. After the 5g scheme traffic is used up, they can continue to enjoy "4G high-speed Internet access". Not only is the past Internet habits completely unaffected, but also can experience the high-quality and efficient 5g network of far EasTone telecommunication.

        In the first month of sale, far EasTone telecommunication launched the "heart 5g preemptive scheme" to increase the sale time and size! During the period from the application date to August 2, you can enjoy 5g online to eat and eat; for the scheme above 1399, you can enjoy the hot spot sharing before October 31, and the earlier you apply, the longer you can enjoy the discount. In addition, more than 4200 yuan worth of "5g audio-visual complete set" (including a pico VR glasses, far EasTone telecommunication Friday VR for 12 months, far EasTone telecommunication Friday for 12 months), and "4K film and TV series" for 12 months, so that consumers can enjoy 5g's fast-paced online shopping and experience the charm of 5g innovative services Far EasTone telecommunication's 5g commitment to consumers: carefully understand customer needs, create the first-class network, build attentively, serve attentively, and experience the most comfortable!

        5g innovation service online six highlights entertainment experience upgrade

        Far EasTone telecommunication is not only a high-quality 5g network, but also six highlight service applications. The first wave of four highlight services are launched on the first day of sale; far EasTone telecommunication Friday VR can enjoy the best immersive experience; far EasTone telecommunication Friday video and audio launch "multi view service" and "4K zone"; far EasTone telecommunication has launched "multi view service" and "4K zone" Friday music upgrades sound quality and opens a revolutionary feast of vision and hearing in 5g era. In the future, far EasTone telecommunication will launch two highlight services: far EasTone telecommunication Friday cloud game and Friday AV VR home theater, which will completely redefine the entertainment experience.

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