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08.2020 Life Guide

Orange generation: Wonderful Life 2.0 Dreams don't have to wait

Far Eastern Department Store / Zheng Jiahui
        In the international definition of the elderly population, there is a group of 50-65-year-old people who are as bright as the color of "orange" in autumn, which makes economists face up to the general trend of "orange generation" regaining the power of consumption. Indeed, as long as the orange generation is healthy, it can realize its dream and usher in a bright new page of life. In this issue of "fashion column", let's learn about this new wave of "orange economy".

        What is the difference between the 50-65-year-old group and the past generation?

        Can't see the age: the orange generation, which pays attention to sports, health and appearance, is much younger than its peers in the past, and even can't see that she is half old or half a hundred years old. Older sisters and older brothers are generally more open-minded and willing to face the ups and downs of life.

        High happiness index: according to behavioral science and brain science experts, orange generation is the most capable and happiest moment in life. Have enough life experience, be willing to contact with people and make connections, often through tourism, sports, forum, volunteer With opportunities to interact with people and the popularity of the community, more time is spent on social interaction.

        High creativity: in the era of rapid flow of information, we must find the key point from the huge amount of information, and then analyze the original solutions. Although mature people's brain response is slow and easy to forget, they have more flexibility and empathy than young people. When dealing with things, they will come up with a "people-oriented" plan, which will generate new highlights. In addition, with rich experience, they can walk in different areas and create more horizontal connections.

        Better grasp the moment: for orange generation, it is a good day to talk to children, eat delicious food and enjoy beautiful scenery in daily life. More easily happy, more want to grasp the time, study, exploration, practice dream of action more vigorous, more know how to live happily!

        After understanding the psychological level of the orange generation, let's learn to master the present, forget the age, and happily walk into the beautiful orange generation in late autumn.

        [sports club]

                Running machine

        The world's first fashion and art "deformable steel" integrates the bar table, bench and treadmill into two seconds. It can be easily integrated into the interior furnishings. It also has the functions of walking, walking and jogging. It is light in size, strong in horsepower, and can withstand 120kg in weight. It is the same safety design as the large-scale treadmill, but gets rid of the heavy, space occupying and cold appearance Shortcomings, absolutely can capture the heart of orange generation. The recommended price is 32000 yuan, and the inquiry hotline is: 6th floor, Far Eastern Department store, Tainan, (06) 200-3489.

        Tokuyo "aluminum alloy full folding treadmill" (tt-238)

        The newly designed intelligent running machine can not only be placed upright and reduce the thickness to 15 cm, but also has a mobile roller at the bottom, which greatly improves the mobility and storage of the home space. It can also easily enjoy the comfortable life of intelligent technology through three modes of foot feeling speed control, remote control operation and mobile app. The recommended selling price is 24800 yuan. The inquiry hotline is 9 / F, Far Eastern Department store, Taichung, (04) 2251-6226.

        Merrell "amphibious shoes" (ml034243)

        Merrell amphibious shoe upper is made of mesh and synthetic leather, with built-in shock absorbers to help stabilize the foot and protect the sole in all directions. It is recommended for you who love sports. The recommended selling price is 3380 yuan, and the hotline is: 3rd floor, Hualian, Far Eastern Department store, (03) 831-0846.

        [3C control]

                Bose "music Sunglasses"

        Sunglasses seem to be indispensable items for going out nowadays. From the patented sound room design to the creation of top class lenses, it creates a new listening experience combining music and sun protection. With a endurance of 3.5 hours, orange generation can enjoy music and sunshine anytime and anywhere. The recommended price is 6800 yuan, and the inquiry hotline is: 9 / F, Far Eastern Department store, Taichung, (04) 3703-2701.

        Sony "waterproof blue bud mp3"

        Designed for outdoor activities, with Bluetooth? Easy connection capability and built-in microphone, it can make or receive calls wirelessly, making sports and going out more convenient. The recommended selling price is 3990 yuan. For enquiry, please contact the "Shenxin" counter on the 8th floor of Baoqing, Far Eastern Department store, (02) 2382-2807.

        [face protection]

                Sebamed "neutral bath foam group"

        After entering middle age, due to the influence of hormon and menopause, the skin becomes sensitive, fragile and rough, so it is necessary to pay more attention to moisturizing. The slightly acidic formula of Shiba pH5.5 can promote the formation of skin protective film, strengthen skin defense function, effectively isolate external stimulation, help skin resist harmful substances in the environment, and maintain the most natural and healthy state of skin. 1000ml x 4 cans, the recommended price is 3960 yuan, and the exclusive preferential price is 2800 yuan. Enquiry Hotline: 6th floor, Taoyuan, Far Eastern Department store, (03) 334-6681.

        L'erborario "classic hand protection gift box"

        Imported from Italy, extracted from natural plants and herbs, it is mild and non irritating to the skin. The classic gift box contains 30ml of rose, olive and lemon. According to the change of mood every day, hand care milk with different flavors can be selected to integrate hand care into daily life. The design of the gift box is elegant, small and exquisite, and it is also suitable for giving gifts. The recommended selling price is 1180 yuan. The enquiry hotline is: 1 / F, Jiayi, Far Eastern Department store, (05) 284-2198.

        [life home]

                "Bugatti Vento breaks the wall to maintain vitality"

        The smart kitchen of orange generation recommends Feijie Bugatti Vento to break the wall and nourish vitality. It has 8 kinds of intelligent programs built in. No matter sauce, smoothie, soup, dough and soybean milk are all arranged in one machine. It can quickly prepare health drinks and is recommended to you with healthy wisdom. The recommended price is 66000 yuan, and the exclusive preferential price is 56100 yuan. Enquiry Hotline: 3rd floor, Hualian, Far Eastern Department store, (03) 834-8692.

        Delonghi "fully automatic coffee machine"

        Adhering to Italy's exquisite technology and innovative spirit, it leads the world trend with the highest standard in terms of shape, function, design sense or practicability. It can quickly make milk into dense and delicate foam, and can adjust the coffee temperature in four stages. In addition, the patented coffee brewing system is convenient and clean, and the panel operation is simple, making it easy for orange generations to make good coffee. It is suggested that the price is 27900 yuan. Coffee beans, milk bubble pot and scale remover will be presented exclusively by the group's colleagues. Enquiry Hotline: 10th floor, Far Eastern Department store, Kaohsiung, (07) 972-2333.

        Jiuyang Joyoung "wall breaking non filtration soybean milk machine" (dj13m-p10)

        With Chinese breakfast, soybean milk is definitely the first choice. However, the traditional method is time-consuming and laborious. Fortunately, there is a Jiuyang wall breaking non filtering soybean milk machine, which is convenient, fast and more user-friendly! Not only fashionable design, touch screen can also reserve temperature and pulping completion time, hot drinks, soup, juice, porridge, pulp can be easily completed, there is a 60 second interrupt memory mode, operation can be opened at any time to add materials, and has the function of easy washing, quickly remove a large range of cup body residue, a variety of functions can be done at one time, is a good companion of orange generation life. The recommended price is 12900 yuan, and the exclusive preferential price is 7990 yuan. Enquiry Hotline: Far Eastern Department store, 10 / F, Zhongshan, Banqiao, (02) 2956-8900.

        "Morphy Richards teapot"

        The curvilinear glass pot body is matched with the exclusive reflux brewing design, so that the tea bag is not directly immersed in water, reducing the release of tannic acid and caffeine. It can also be timed for 2-6 minutes, set the best taste according to different tea types, adjust the optimal concentration of tea, and the remaining time will be displayed on the digital display screen. Keep the tea warm for 20 minutes. The recommended price is 4500 yuan, and the hotline for inquiry is: 5th floor, Far Eastern Department store, Hsinchu, (03) 523-0629.

        [Gu Jiankang]

                LG puricare mini portable air cleaner

        It has been certified by the allergy society of UK and Korea, and can effectively remove 99% dust. The wireless compact design can be combined with mobile app to display pollution records and filter information, and intelligently control the wind intensity. The recommended price is 7990 yuan, and the hotline for inquiry is: 5th floor, Far Eastern Department store, Hsinchu, (03) 523-3676.

        Omron Omron "hyperthermic low cycle therapeutic apparatus" (hv-f311)

        Long term bad posture, sedentary, or shoulder neck, lumbar spine, knee long-term stiffness and pain, might as well try 30 minutes warm + low cycle treatment. Made in Japan, it is easy to operate. There are three massage modes - patting, kneading and pressing. With six parts mode and cycle number up to 1200Hz, it can go deep into the joints, waist, shoulder and neck, relieve the pain of deep muscles, so that you can also enjoy the medical treatment of standard course at home, saving you valuable time. The recommended price is 5, 680 yuan (wbycz No. 030871, Beishi weiqiguang Zi No. 108060103), inquiry hotline: henglonghang counter, 10th floor, Banqiao, Banqiao, (02) 8951-7686.

        OSIM intelligent sphygmomanometer

        In addition to measuring blood pressure, pulse and heart rate, it can also connect the OSIM app application to analyze the complex data of blood pressure and trend with charts, so that you can easily browse, store and manage health status, and experience a new healthy life. The recommended price is 3980 yuan, and the inquiry hotline is: 9 / F, Far Eastern Department store, Taichung, (04) - 22546625.

        [American school]

                Diana "skin penetrating spinning light weight and thick sole casual shoes"

        Through the skin spinning with water drill, create a perfect upper with thickened foam in the heel, which is comfortable and easy to wear without grinding the feet. The ultra light rubber sole makes it easier for you to walk. Colorful patterns infuse a sense of youth and exudes intellectual charm. Even if you enter the second half of life, you should show your fashion attitude. The recommended price is 2280 yuan, and the exclusive preferential price is 1980 yuan. Enquiry Hotline: 2nd floor, Taoyuan, Far Eastern Department store, (03) 339-8046.

        Huang Zigeng's "crystal chalcedony beads necklace"

        Tibetan ancestors found jade beads in the marine sediment zone. They made them according to their shapes and endowed them with humanistic feelings. They are priceless treasures in the hearts of Tibetans. For the orange generation with devout beliefs, "crystal chalcedony beads" means everything is going well. The recommended price is 28800 yuan, and the exclusive preferential price is 12800 yuan. Enquiry Hotline: 5th floor, Taoyuan, Far Eastern Department store, (03) 347-4846.

        Note: the full text of "preferential price" is subject to group employee identification card, which is valid until August 31.

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