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08.2020 Welfare

"20% off on Chinese Valentine's Day " confession of love is being together all the time.

Yuan Ding information technology (Shanghai) / Hu Chen
        Valentine's Day is coming again. Are you still worried about what gifts to send? Take a look at the romantic gifts of Ding Ding integrated marketing services online mall. From now on to August 30, the "Double Seventh Festival" of Ding Ding Ding integrated marketing services online mall will be folded up and you will be able to buy many selected products!

                A must for sweet time

        Selected maltose, French Normandy cream and other high-quality food materials, pure handmade, the skin is not greasy, 143 layers of thin pastry crust, won the Taiwan Golden cake award, one bite off the sweet malt filling, full of happiness. The daily price of Ding Ding integrated marketing services mall is 75 yuan, and the selling price of Tanabata is 59 yuan. There are also different flavors of Tangcun nougat. Now you can enjoy a 20% discount when you place an order. If you like, you can get started!

        Candlelight dinner essential - Angus certified sirloin steak + Louis dry red wine

        At home for the other half of the kitchen to cook a special dinner, you can also eat romantic. Candlelight dinner can't be without steak and red wine. Angus sirloin steak recommended by Xiaobian is thick and chewy. It is mellow, tender and medium fat. It is recommended to cut it into 2.5-3cm thick and fry it to 5% cooked. It's easy to operate. With a bottle of Louis dry red wine, it's perfect. The special price of sirloin steak and Louis dry red wine is 207.2 yuan and 159.2 yuan respectively.

        Those who please themselves must be admitted to JAYJUN water light mask (10 pieces).

        What did sweet love do together? There are too many changes in 2020, and the constant is to have your company. Apply the mask with your beloved half at home. JAYJUN water facial mask uses mild papaya extract and deep sodium hyaluronate to replenish water to make skin smooth and white. And through the nerve amide old ancluck moisture, three steps to let the skin drink enough water, wake up the water light energy. Ding Ding Ding integrated marketing services offers a special price of 87.2 yuan. Take advantage of the bottom price of Chinese Valentine's day to inject sweet power into love. JAYJUN mask and cherry blossom, rose series, take advantage of this sweet big promotion, the favorite to your favorite people.

        In addition to the above products, Ding Ding integrated marketing services mall has carefully selected a number of good products from Taiwan plastics biomedical, Ritz, Weizi, French ambassador and xinxiuli. Ding Ding Ding integrated marketing services wishes that lovers in the world will get married, meet the right people and accompany them. Every day is Valentine's day. (above goods distribution scope: only in mainland China)

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