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09.2020 Story

If you miss the sunrise, don't miss the sunset

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        After a busy day, on the way out of work, do you just want to go home quickly? Don't miss the beautiful scenery along the way because of the fast pace.

        On the way home, you might as well try to look up at the ever-changing sky. Sometimes the sky is full of colorful clouds, sometimes there are no clouds, sometimes there are dense clouds, and sometimes the drizzle is continuous When you're lucky, you can enjoy the dreamlike rainbow after the rain, or the lovely white plump clouds. The vast curtain of heaven, daily performance of God's wonderful artistic creation, waiting for careful bole, insight to appreciate the beauty of the moment.

        From the early morning of chicken crow, the sky is full of the smell of fish belly white, lighting up the beginning of the day, until sunset, the original bright white sun, slowly turned into golden yellow, the clouds covered with a touch of bright red, dotted with birds elegant glide across the sky. The sunset, with charming and dreamy romantic atmosphere, is short but beautiful. People can't help but covet this piece of canvas, and fear that the next second, the beauty will disappear.

        No matter whether the weather is good or not, the sunset moment can comfort you who are in a good mood or not. Ancient literati have written many meaningful poems for the poetic sunset. The most famous one is the famous poem of Tang Dynasty poet Li Shangyin: "the setting sun is infinitely good, but it is near dusk". The sunset at dusk and the afterglow of sunset set a beautiful and moving pause for a bright day. The feeling of reluctant to end is to appreciate the melancholy after sunset Like the fireworks of the fireworks festival, the moment of blooming is very beautiful, but at the end of the day, people always leave a little sadness.

        I like to record my life with photography. I feel that the rising sun is the beginning of a beautiful day, a gorgeous appearance and a magnificent picture. The picturesque sunset is a fleeting beauty. If you miss the sunrise in one day, don't miss the sunset again. On the way home from next shift, find a good place to enjoy the afterglow of sunset gracefully All day's disturbance, let the soul slowly sink, leaving a beautiful mood, accompany you home.


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