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11.2020 Group Briefing

FENC and YZU set up "digital innovation EMBA class" to reproduce the model of Far Eastern Group Enterprise University

Far eastern New Century Corporation / Guo Zhihan

        In the face of the impact of digital wave, the challenges faced by enterprises are increasing rapidly. In order to cultivate excellent management personnel and successors of all levels in response to the future development of the group, FENC and Yuan Ze University jointly plan to establish "digital innovation EMBA class" of Far Eastern Group Enterprise University. Through the systematic course modules, we will train the supervisors and staff at all levels to have the "digital application ability" of digital technology and the "innovation leadership" of cross domain thinking, so as to establish a sustainable competitive advantage, exert the synergy of the group and create another 70 years of Far Eastern Group.


        This course is customized for FEG with eight modules. It covers all levels of operation and management, and comprehensively expands the vision of manager. In terms of teachers, it also recruits professionals from industry, university and research institute to learn from industry benchmarking and explore classic cases, so as to inject external thinking into the group.


        In addition, it is different from business management of traditional schools, each module of this course emphasizes the cultivation of manager's ability of "digital application" and "innovation leadership". In the rapidly changing business environment, priority should be given to mastering and applying digital technology to lead enterprise’s transformation and innovation. Students who have completed all the credits and completed the thesis will be awarded the master's degree in management. If they further take the master's degree in management of Yuan Ze University, they can also get credit transferred according to the regulations.


        The opening ceremony of the digital innovation EMBA class was held on July 11. With the encouragement and blessing of Xu Guoan, innovation director of the group, Li Qingting, vice president of Yuan Ze University, Xu Tingwei, senior vice president of Far Eastern New Century Corporation and other supervisors, the course was officially launched.


        The first course module, talent management and leadership, is planned by Professor Li Honghui from Department of Management, Yuan Ze University. Professor Li, with rich experience, has simplified the theory of human resource management and led the students to analyze cases flexibly and explore the system and cultural differences of various companies. External lecturers include Dr. Lin yuecen, the current director of TSMC Human Resources Dept., who led students to analyze organizational behavior and share talent management strategies and thinking of benchmarking enterprises with multiple topics. Professor Sun Hongyue from the Department of technology application and human resource development of National Taiwan Normal University shared real cases of artificial intelligence (AI) application in the fields of selection, training, application and retention with special lectures, which was novel and impressive.


        The second course module, which has attracted much attention, is "business statistics and big data analysis", which is sponsored by Professor Wu Xiangxun. Many industry professionals were invited to give lectures. All of them have both theoretical and practical background. They led students to gradually understand the principle and analysis skills of big data from the beginning of basic statistics, and practice enterprise decision-making based on data through computer practice.


        In order to enable overseas colleagues to share training resources and continuously improve their self-learning, since the beginning of this course, more simultaneous live streaming has been uploaded to the overseas strongholds of Far Eastern New Century Corporation to expand the dissemination of knowledge and experience, making study without national boundaries.


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