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12.2020 Welfare

Far Eastern Plaza Hotel,Taipei will launch wonderful activities and delicacy on Christmas Day and New Year.

Far Eastern Plaza Hotel, Taipei / Xu Peirong
        At the end of the year, the Far Eastern Plaza Hotel, Taipei has carefully prepared a wealth of products that can add unforgettable memories. From the hall layout with the most festive atmosphere, the Christmas music performance, to the rich delicious dishes and celebrations in various restaurants, the guests can not only feel the warm and lively Christmas and new year's festival, but also enjoy all kinds of food, wine and new year's happy parties. In addition, the hotel also prepares a variety of exquisite Christmas cakes, gift baskets, roast turkey and other takeout food, is the first choice for holiday gifts or end of year parties! Christmas limited desserts can also be ordered online http://bit.ly/2Ja2fM1 。

        In addition, during the festival, the hotel also set up a small change donation activity beside the giant Gingerbread castle in the hall, inviting guests to take practical actions to support Taiwan International Children's village, Taiwan black bear Conservation Association and breast cancer prevention and treatment foundation, and pass on love and blessing! For more information and reservation, please contact (02) 7711-2080, room booking (02) 2376-3266, booking ticket (02) 7700-3031 or visit http://www.shangri-la-taipei.com/ 。

        Christmas and new year's reunion

        Marco Polo restaurant, Italy

        Marco Polo Italian restaurant, located on the 38th floor of the hotel, is the first choice to celebrate Christmas and new year with lovers and family members with Italian cuisine and excellent urban landscape and festive atmosphere! New chef Xu Weizhi's "Christmas feast" includes delicacies such as duck liver, Boston lobster, and cattle, which are RMB 3680 per person and will be served from December 24 to 25. The "New Year's Feast" will be served on the evening of December 31 and January 1 at $3800 per person. It also provides a variety of single point delicacies to make you an unforgettable and delicious Festival!

        Ibuki Japanese cuisine (7F)

        The end of the year is to reward yourself and your family! Ibuki Japanese cuisine restaurant offers a warm hot pot feast to bring warmth to the cold winter. Strictly select high-grade food ingredients, such as new Yorker beef pot or seafood pot, with rich set meals such as starter, three grade sashimi, Kyoto Matcha fern cake, strawberry black sugar ice cream and rich seasonal vegetables. In addition, you can buy and upgrade the top-grade abalone, Kagoshima, beef and live Boston lobster. Available on December 31, 2880 yuan per person, feel the warm winter hot pot food fashion aesthetics!

        Xianggong (6F)

        Xianggong Cantonese restaurant, which has been recommended by Michelin for three consecutive years, has several private boxes, which are most suitable for family reunion at the end of the year. Chef he has carefully designed Christmas and new year's packages, which include: baked meat platter, happy nuts, Jinsha lobster tail, bird's nest golden soup, black truffle, coix seed crab meat soup, seasonal dish abalone juice, 8 soup, abalone mixed with sea cucumber, etc! Limited supply from December 24 to January 3, 2021, RMB 3280 per person.

        Shanghai zuiyue building (39F)

        Another delicious choice for Chinese food lovers is the 39th floor Shanghai zuiyue building, which is accompanied by the beautiful scenery of high-rise buildings, making the gathering more atmosphere! Taste the experienced Kung Fu cuisine accumulated by Lai's chef team for decades, and Qiaosi presents Shanghai style classic flavor. The festival set meal starts from the four butterflies in Shanghai river. The six main dishes include seafood bird's nest pumpkin cup, cream fresh Boston lobster, oil drenched lamb's chop, black gold steamed bun and q-shaped little fart peach, which are limited to supply from December 24 to January 3, 2021, with a price of 3280 yuan per person.

        Far Eastern Group caf é cafeteria (6F)

        The Far Eastern Group caf é cafeteria, located on the sixth floor of the hotel, is about to be renovated in early December. The newly renovated Far Eastern Group caf é cafeteria with a total investment of 80 million yuan has begun to accept the reservation in December to meet the family's expectations for food from all over the world! During the Christmas festival, on December 24 and December 31 of the new year, the chef specially added a surging selection of dishes on the dining table. Each person can enjoy a lobster meal at a price of RMB 1980 per person. After 8:00 p.m., the guests can also enjoy the five-star food without discount, which is RMB 1280 per person. The warm Christmas festival is accompanied by melodious bel canto music. Far Eastern Group caf é will invite bel canto choir to sing Christmas carols from December 18 to December 19 and from December 24 to 26 to make the meal more festive!

        The Cake Room (1F)

        It is absolutely necessary to have delicious pastry with visual and taste to celebrate the festival! The cake room (1F) The club has become the most popular clock in point for children's interest. Once you enter the dreamy gingerbread house with sweet Gingerbread flavor, you can't help but burst out with a variety of Christmas restricted desserts, such as chocolate snowman, Christmas tree trunk cake, festival chocolate Santa Claus, etc. some of them are playful and pleasing, and some are exquisite and ingenious, which are most suitable for sharing with relatives and friends or exchanging gifts Gifts for festivals! Another luxury version of the Christmas basket, gifts or self use are satisfied! At the same time, there are also grilled Rib Eye Steak (3kg / 4880 yuan), roast turkey (6kg / 3480 yuan), black bear honey roast ham (2kg / 2, 880 yuan) and other festivals, whether it's at home or at the company's end of the year party, the chef's carefully cooked Christmas flavor dishes with all kinds of side dishes and sauces, so you can easily hold a Christmas party! Available from now to December 25, order three days before pick-up, and a bottle of selected red wine will be included if you book before November 12.

        Christmas New Year crazy party food, wine and fireworks

        "Christmas limited cocktail" Hi Christmas!

        Enjoy the magic of Christmas in Marco Polo Lounge (38F)! With the live DJ music rocking, the bartender team led by Luo Weihong, champion bartender of Bacardi, Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan, launched Christmas limited creative cocktail including snowball, vanishing horizon and warm winter effect. It will be supplied from December 21 to 27, with a cup of 420 yuan. Let's spend the night together!

        "Neon New Year party" to welcome 2021

        Having luxury is absolutely the best ceremonial feeling to welcome the New Year! This year, Marco Polo's lounge, which has been booking seats every year, has launched a dazzling "neon" New Year's party. It specially prepares Italian food, drinks various red liquor and cocktails, and follows the hot DJ to welcome the new year in Taipei 101 before the brilliant new year fireworks. From 10:00 p.m. to 1:00 a.m. on December 31, each person entered the seat area at 6388 yuan and the station area at 3688 yuan.

        New Year Carnival countdown "swing New Year party" Shangri La banquet hall + 101 fireworks by pool on top floor

        Raise your hands and let's Cross 2021 in the most swinging position! This year, Far Eastern Plaza Hotel, Taipei Far Eastern Group has specially transformed Shangri La banquet hall on the second floor into a swing New Year party in the 1970s. Magic, the most popular Orchestra of pubs, will be on the scene At the same time, you can enjoy the unlimited supply of food and wine. Finally, you can go straight to the top floor of Taiwan (43F) to enjoy the fireworks of the new year. Under the brilliant starry sky, celebrate the arrival of brand new 2021 together! Tickets for swing New Year's party are RMB 5800 per person. You can enjoy 10% discount of zaoniao if you book before November 30.

        All prices are subject to 10% service charge. For reservation, please contact (02) 7711-2080

        Remind you not to drink while driving, safety is guaranteed!

        Far Eastern Plaza Hotel, Taipei address: 201, Section 2, Dunhua South Road, Taipei, Tel: (02) 2378-8888, website: www.shangri-la.com/taipei

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