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12.2020 Welfare

Points Carnival! 1 point to have a lucky draw + exchange for 100 kinds of goods

Yuan - Ding information technology (Shanghai) / Hu Chen
        2020 Ding Ding integrated marketing services Carnival officially started on December 1. It offers a lot of benefits, such as lucky lucky draw, weekly second kill, 100 point purchase and so on, so that you can enjoy different surprises.

        Carnival project 1: lucky draw to win a good gift!

        If you exchange 23 kinds of good things to draw lottery tickets, you will have a chance to draw a colorful bouncing cup worth 218 yuan! The quantity is limited, hurry to fight for good luck!

        Carnival project 2: Hot weekly seconds!

        Since December 1, 4 weeks in a row, weekly surprise, every day seconds! Whether it is New Zealand imported gumen toothpaste with fresh breath, gingival toothpaste with fresh breath, or SNP love and blue and blue moisturizing hand pulled noodle mask, super international brand, Zhou Zhou launched super killing benefits.

        Carnival project 3: saving money, 2 + 100 points!

        During the carnival activities, as long as you order + 100 points, you can get 2 pieces, let us spend the least money to store the most goods! From 29 yuan to low price!

        In addition to the above-mentioned Haokang discount, there are also 100 popular items waiting for you to rush to buy. Hurry to Ding Ding integrated marketing services shopping mall, grasp the "product" meeting, and start all kinds of good things!

        (distribution scope of the above goods: only in mainland China)


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