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02.2021 Welfare

Hot sale of the dishes for the Lunar New Year of Far Eastern Plaza Hotel, Taipei

Far Eastern Plaza Hotel, Taipei / Xu Peirong
742B01        In order to seize the opportunity of Chinese New Year dining, Far Eastern Plaza Hotel, Taipei's restaurants offer a variety of dining options and nearly 50 items of new year's products. In addition to the Cantonese restaurant "Xianggong", which has been recommended by Michelin for three years in a row, and the rich Shanghai Hangzhou flavor of "Shanghai zuiyue building", Taipei's restaurant has launched a top-level oven banquet in the 70 Ping luxurious and comfortable presidential suite of the restaurant this year, including a one night stay of only 99, 999 yuan (including tax and service charge). As for the price of a series of take away dishes for reunion, they range from 488 yuan to 15888 yuan, such as Cantonese potted vegetables, slow boiled Australian and beef cheek meat with thick gravy, grilled fragrant fish with scallion, and "seafood stewed pork with abalone" and "shredded radish cake" which won the third place in Apple Daily. If you order more than 100 sets of Chinese New Year's dishes in Xianggong and zuiyue building every year, you can start from 13888 yuan for six people. Please contact: (02) 7711-2080.

        As the highlight of new year's Eve, the Far Eastern Plaza Hotel and Taipei will offer new year's greetings with delicious food in five restaurants, more than 20 private boxes and the president's suite. This year, the ballroom will not only launch the "happy reunion dinner", but also provide exquisite Chinese banquet in Shangri La ballroom on the second floor and far eastern grand ballroom on the third floor. There will be a series of lively and year-old singer performances, led lion dance show, interactive games, lucky draw and far Eastern apparel Shooting and other wonderful activities, together with your family happiness. In addition, to meet the needs of the lunch at my mother's home on the second day of junior high school, we will specially open the second day of junior high school. If you book the new year's Eve dinner and the lunch on the second day of junior high school, you can get the super deluxe room accommodation voucher and the self-service lunch and dinner voucher of Far Eastern Group caf é, which are the most popular rooms of Far Eastern Group in Taipei.

        On New Year's Eve, stay in the presidential suite at 99, 999 yuan (including tax and service fee), you can enjoy a rich afternoon tea group and champagne in the 7-meter super style hall to kick off the Spring Festival. There are board games and other fun games to stir up the festival atmosphere. Then you can share the Shanghai style reunion dinner with your relatives and friends. You can enjoy unlimited soft drinks and selected red wine bottles during the dinner. You can enjoy the glorious and comfortable dining space and enjoy the joy of reunion! In addition, the hotel also selects group B gift basket as a new year's gift, so that you can give gifts for your own use during the Spring Festival.

        The essence of the restaurant's new year's dishes is:

        742B02        Xianggong Cantonese style take out new year's dishes set meal (for 6 persons) / 13, 888 yuan

        Led by Hong Kong Chinese food executive chef he Jingye, the company has launched a set of new year dishes, such as stewed snail head pork tendon soup with scallops, eight head soup with abalone juice, abalone, sea cucumber, tendon, mushroom, shredded radish shortcake, or a big red suckling pig platter with full flavor, such as steamed dongxingban with Cordyceps, red dates and black pepper and sugar cashew nuts.

        Shanghai zuiyue Lou Shanghai style classic take out new year dishes set (for six) / 13, 888 yuan

        Chicken, duck, pig and seafood are indispensable for Shanghai People's new year's dishes. Whether it's yaozhu Huajiao Xiangluo chicken soup elaborately designed by chef Lai Zhongshun, or squirrel sweet scented fish, or Yao Zhu crispy cherry shrimp rice cake, which is the first time of Kung Fu, it's still more impressive. In addition to the meal, Shanghai zuiyue Lou has put a sweet end to the warm festival with the exclusive Chinese dessert "Taiji Babao taro milk rice".

        Introduction to take out Gift Basket:

        Jinniu news ultimate gift basket 15888 yuan

                This time, we have cooperated with the modern porcelain brand "Bafang Xinqi" created by artist Wang Xiajun. We have joined in the new year's series of products, CAF é delicious BBQ sauce developed by the international culinary team after three months, the popular Shangri La fragrance expanding group, and Far Eastern Plaza Hotel, Taipei black bear honey gift box, amber sugar walnut, Cantonese sausage, mushroom, firecracker and bull candy, and Taurus good news doll.

        Niuyun Hengtong luxury gift basket 8888 yuan

        Following the rapid sale of Mid Autumn Festival gift baskets, Taiwan's Handpainted Taiwan tiles, which have a hundred years of tile technology and won the national diplomatic Gift Award, have reappeared in the new year's luxury gift baskets. Other good gifts include sake sparkling wine, virgin olive oil, British natural sea salt, Taiwan farmed white rice, hand-made egg rolls, Cantonese sausage, mushrooms, comprehensive nuts and golden bull doll.

        Happy New Year

        Spring Festival holiday is a good time for family travel! We strongly recommend the "luxury, enjoyment and play" housing project, which is very popular with consumers. It is suitable for the whole family to travel in the spring. The two person accommodation includes breakfast, free upgrade to the first class room type, check-in to 12 o'clock in advance, and enjoy two optional courses of five senses experience or delicious food discovery. The super value discount is only 4888 yuan per night (original price 26774 yuan per night), and you can also get a value of 3 yuan, 000 yuan hotel catering and accommodation coupons, let you play while learning and enjoy, Spring Festival all the way to 228 even holiday!

        From 11:30 a.m. on the first day of the Lunar New Year (February 12), the traditional New Year activities will be specially arranged in the hall and restaurants to invite you to enjoy the rich and wonderful New Year holiday! The above housing prices are subject to 10% service charge and 5% tax. Reservation hotline: (02) 2376-3266.

        Far Eastern Plaza Hotel, Taipei,

        Tel: (02) 2378-8888, website: www.shangri-la.com/taipei .


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