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02.2021 Welfare

Subscription of Far Eastern Plaza Hotel, Tainan's takeout and gift set of New Year's food.

Far Eastern Plaza Hotel, Tainan / PU Yiyun
        This year, because many people stay in China for the Chinese new year, it is difficult to find a hot new year's Eve stove. The huge demand for food and beverage has triggered the business opportunities of new year's dishes in advance, and also led to the demand for gifts! The Chinese restaurant of Far Eastern Plaza Hotel, Tainan "zuiyue Lou" offers six to eight people's "New Year's dishes for ox to heaven reunion". It has five dishes, one soup and two desserts, each set is 10888 yuan. It is freshly cooked on New Year's Eve and comes with exquisite thermal insulation bags. From now on to January 31, 2021, you can enjoy 10% discount for advance purchase, and you can also choose from 300 yuan to 1880 yuan for each course. In response to the demand for new year's gifts, the hotel also launched 12 New Year's gift boxes and baskets, from traditional Chinese "zuiyue XO double sauce gift box", "cherry shrimp radish cake and red bean walnut cake gift box", "pineapple crisp gift box", "mayonnaise crisp gift box", to Western pastry "Basque cake", Japanese "shaoguozi", Malaysian "authentic meat and bone tea", as well as a brand-new gift for self use 12 gift boxes and baskets, including "roast duck gift basket" and "deer pheasant gift basket", are available at the price of 399 yuan to 3880 yuan per group. Please contact: (06) 702 8856 for order.

        Five star auspicious and rich new year dishes

        Head chef Xu Zhongxian of zuiyue building has launched "bringing out new year's dishes for busy office workers", including zuiyue Wufu Platter (xiangzuiyuan hoof, Hujiang willow leaf fish, fried prawns in oil, sweet and sour pork chops, Wuwei songhuabei), Boston lobster with black truffle and garlic, red stripe in zuiyue sour soup, Wushen Baofu stewed rich hoof, Youlin Babao glutinous rice chicken, Caiyuanguangjin Buddha jumping wall, Suqian Baked local pineapple crisp and reunion cherry shrimp radish cake, about 6 people, 10888 yuan each. Consumers who love soup products should not miss the three treasure pot of abalone, porpoise and ginseng. The bottom of the soup is made of old hens simmering for more than 10 hours to make a thick "Shangtang" soup base. Then add live abalone, tendon, yaozhu, porpoise and other top-quality ingredients to simmer together. The soup is mellow and fragrant. The package can be upgraded by adding 2000 yuan. You can order Chinese New Year's food with you.

        Spring must be accompanied by Chinese gifts, the most affordable gift

        How to choose the most decent gifts for Spring Festival? "Zuiyue Lou" introduces a special x.o. sauce, which is made of scallops, ham, Cantonese sausage, Chaotian pepper, chili oil, red onion, dried shrimps, cherry prawns and bamboo plate fish. The "zuiyue double sauce gift box" contains one bottle of x.o. sauce and one bottle of chopped pepper sauce, each of which costs 988 yuan. There are also walnut red bean sweet New Year cake and cherry blossom shrimp radish cake with the meaning of "abundant grains, high longevity". They are 480 yuan each and 988 yuan each in the gift box group of "Hongtu exhibition double cake gift box". They are the most affordable gifts to visit relatives and friends during the Spring Festival. The take away shop "pinxiangfang" on the first floor of the hotel also offers a variety of new year's products, including Nanyang style "all things auspicious meat and bone tea", which is made by Malaysian executive chef Huang Yinren simmering for five hours. The sea food and poultry are made of the abalone, pig's feet, pork stomach, sea cucumber and tendons. The essence of the soup is refined. The complex process will perfectly integrate various ingredients and make the soup mellow and sweet. There are also "roast duck gift basket", "roast deer and pheasant gift basket", "good luck egg yolk crisp gift box", "Hongyun Jinwang egg yolk crisp gift box", "Hongyun Wangwang comprehensive pineapple crisp gift box", "Congxi Facai Basque gift box", "Zhaocai Jinbao Shaoguo gift box" and "fortune in front of the eye cake gift box", which are 399 yuan to 2 yuan each, Above 380 yuan, can accept the single purchase of the bag packaging.

        The Far Eastern Plaza Hotel, Tainan, will take out new year's dishes and gift boxes. Reservations will be accepted from now on until February 7, 2021. New year's Eve delivery date and time: February 11, 2021 9:30 a.m. - 10:30 a.m. or 3:30 p.m. - 4:30p.m.; [zuiyuelou New Year's festival commodity] and [pinxiangfang New Year's festival commodity] delivery date: January 15, 2021 to February 28, 2021. If you want to order, please contact special line (06) 702 8856. #

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