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02.2021 Welfare

FET FriDay launches new year discount for movies 

Far EasTone telecommunications / Chen Xinsheng
        The Spring Festival holiday is approaching. Go to far EasTone telecommunication Friday and pick a favorite movie to make the Spring Festival holiday wonderful at any time! Far EasTone telecommunication Friday is now on sale. The movie "super girl 1984", which is synchronized with the cinema line, can be watched by the whole family for only 389 yuan. If you use the co branded card of far EasTone telecommunication Friday, you can also enjoy a 50% discount on the purchase of films!

        In order to make it convenient for users to enjoy 10000 movies and dramas, far EasTone telecommunication Friday has launched a 67% discount on the limited time of Spring Festival. From now on to March 1, you can buy the 180 day program of "days stored value package" (priced at 1194 yuan), and give it another 90 days, which is equivalent to saving 600 yuan now. If you convert it, you can see satiety in less than 5 yuan a day. You can't miss it if you are serious! There is also a "one-piece renewal scheme" of $250. You can choose four single pieces per month, and you will get two extra ones in the first month. During the event, you can buy any of the above programs on far EasTone telecommunication Friday AV official website, and have the opportunity to take away 50 inch 4K TV, Carrefour gift certificate, star bus accompanying card and other good gifts for free. In addition, far EasTone telecommunication Friday also offers paid members to sign in and watch movies every day, with a maximum of 55 points per day. During the lunar new year, it also offers 7-11 gift certificates, TV boxes, exclusive movie peripheries and other gift points every day, with limited exchange. Welcome to download far EasTone telecommunication Friday video app to keep abreast of the latest information.

        Activity page: https://video.friday.tw/act/2021cny/


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