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02.2021 Welfare

HAPPY GO joins hands with department stores and mass merchandising to offer 200yuan discounts and scratch cards with 100 points

Ding & Ding management consultants joint marketing / Huang Yunru
        Happy go will join hands with department stores and mass merchandisers to fight against the point economy. Far Eastern Department store will launch a year-end reward activity in which 100 happy go points can be exchanged for 200 yuan bonus coupons. Pacific SOGO Department store will also launch 200 points to exchange for new year's shopping money, as well as the purchase of lucky bag products to give free money, and enjoy the new "machine" and other concessions The mass merchandiser offered the triple scraping card of "ox" to turn the world around. In addition, during the epidemic prevention period, in order to reduce consumption contact, happy go also announced that using happy go pay to spend in the designated channel can enjoy a single 7-fold gift. From now on to February 10, there will be a 10 times reward for the full amount of single consumption in the Spring Festival, so that card users can spend at ease.

        Li Mingcheng, deputy president of happy go's customer business department, said that due to the impact of the epidemic, Chinese people are unable to go abroad, and consumers are buying gas ahead of time. The utilization rate of happy go pay in the fourth quarter of 2020 is 30% higher than that in the same period of 2019. Therefore, happy go, especially at the end of the year, has launched a series of point discounts in combination with mobile payment and the department stores and mass merchandising channels of affiliated enterprise.

        Happy go, together with Far Eastern Department store, will launch the year-end reward activity from now to February 9. Card friends can exchange 100 happy go points for 200 yuan bonus coupon, or exchange 2 yuan bonus coupon with full invoice of Taichung City Far Eastern Department store or Banqiao Far Eastern Department Store from February 1 to February 11, We have a chance to win the highest 168000 yuan of Far Eastern Department store coupons. Pacific SOGO Department Store launched different spring festival activities in Taipei store, fuxingguan store, Tianmu store and Zhongli store.

        People like to try their luck during the new year. From now until February 7, card friends can go to the activity area of a.mart store in the whole province to buy niuzhuan gankun lucky triple scraping card, use happy go pay to buy niuzhuan gankun scraping card, add 100 happy go points, buy more than 5 pieces in a single transaction, and then draw "Panasonic international brand electric oven 9L" table b!


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