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10.2021 Office Talk

How much do you know about epidemic prevention English?

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        In order to comply with the epidemic prevention policy, the actual joint registration must be completed when entering the mall or building. But do you know what to say in English? How to express the relevant health propaganda in English? In this issue, we invite you to learn the most practical daily epidemic prevention terms.

        Sample dialogue (scenario example)

        A: Good afternoon, sir / madam. Please scan the QR code before coming into the building

        B: OK, I'm finished with the contact tracking

        A: I will just take your temperature... OK. 36.5 degrees

        B: Alright. Thanks

        ADo you have any symptoms right now? (do you have any uncomfortable symptoms?)

        B: I have been in quarantine for 3 weeks. But I have a cold

        A: You need to take some precautions while you're sick. Be sure to always wash your hands and keep your distance from others

        B: I'll be sure to do that. Thanks

        A: Also, please keep your mask on while you visit people in the building

        Vocabulary (vocabulary)

        COVID-19 (COVID-19)

        He tested positive / negative for covid-19


        Her son "s school had an outbreak of COVID-19 a few few" (the outbreak of COVID-19 infection in his son's school in the first few months.)


        COVID-19 is like the flu, but it has other strange symptoms, other, is, like a flu, but it has other strange symptoms, such as loss of smell and taste.

        Scan the QR code

        Please simply use your camera or the code scanner to scan the QR code for contact tracking before entering

        Contact tracking

        Contact tracking is an important part of stopping the spread of covid-19


        The best preventive measures include wearing a mask, keeping social distance, and washing hands often

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