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12.2021 Honor

Gold award 10 lianba far EasTone telecommunications won the double award of "Taiwan service industry evaluation"

Far EasTone telecommunications / Jiang guofen
        In 2021, the commercial times "Taiwan's service industry evaluation" was released, and far EasTone telecommunications won the gold medal of chain telecommunications channel again. It is the only enterprise in Taiwan that has won ten consecutive hegemony! At the same time, far EasTone telecommunications was also recognized by the jury this year and won the "best customer service center Award" for the first time. Far EasTone telecommunications president Chee Ching personally attended the award ceremony on October 13.

        Far EasTone telecommunications Chee Ching president said, "thank consumers and the commercial times for the great review of the service industry." It is no accident that we have been able to get good results in this evaluation for many years! Far EasTone telecommunications emphasizes humanistic care and considerate service spirit to think further for our customers. Thank you very much for the efforts and persistence of far EasTone telecommunications customer service and stores. Even during the epidemic, we still stick to our posts, bear higher risks, and still provide high-quality services to customers in the front line! Our colleagues at far EasTone telecommunications will adhere to the principle that "service has only a starting point, satisfaction has no end point", cooperate with our world's first network quality, and continue to provide customers with warm service and high-quality experience. "

        Far EasTone telecommunications won the "best customer service center Award" for the first time this year, in addition to winning the "gold medal of chain telecommunications channel" and ten consecutive hegemony. Far EasTone telecommunications takes the lead in the industry to build a "warm" customer service center, understand customer needs, pay attention to customer experience and create differentiated services, and plan five service axes to overthrow the previous system of response and interaction of customer service centers through service standardization, technology and other tools, Whether customers consult and provide services by telephone or online on the official website, they will receive sincere greetings like relatives and friends from the customer service staff: "there is a big temperature difference in the morning and evening recently, remember to wear more clothes when going out" and "remember to wear masks during epidemic prevention to keep a social distance.". Far EasTone telecommunications firmly believes that service can touch people's hearts only by "caring" for customers as their families and putting themselves in the customer's shoes!

        In addition to the recognition that far EasTone telecommunications won the two awards of Taiwan's service industry evaluation, in the latest report released by the international mobile network survey authority opensignal, it won the first place in the world in the three key indicators of 5g "download speed", "upload speed" and "audio-visual experience"! Highlight that far EasTone telecommunications not only solves the physical distance with technology, but also connects people with the world through temperature services, making it more convenient, safer and warmer!


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