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01.2022 Honor and Personnel Change

Douglas Hsu attended the 2021 Global Views Leaders' Forum and was awarded Honorary Award for Lifetime Achievements

Far Eastern Magazine / Editorial Room

        On December 7, 2021, Far Eastern Group Chairman Douglas Hsu was invited to attend the Global Views Leaders' Forum and was awarded the "Honorary Award for Lifetime Achievements" by former President Ma Ying Jeou. With the title of "Mastering trends and creating new models", he shared the industrial development trend in the post epidemic era. In his speech, he emphasized the importance of "change" and believed that the world was changing rapidly, If we only review how much the enterprise should reduce costs, "it's over". In addition, Douglas Hsu also shared how Far Eastern Group broke through the "epidemic" by integrating the supply chain, promoting environmental sustainability development and accelerating digital transformation.

        Douglas Hsu also quoted the biologist Darwin as saying that the species that can eventually survive are not the strongest nor the smartest, but the species that can best adapt to change. Therefore, enterprises should keep pace with the times and redefine themselves in order to establish goals and continue to thrive in the new normal.



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